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Sustainable Packaging is the Future of Cannabis

No longer criminalized, cannabis is now a legal, regulated and massively growing industry recognized across other industries and cultures. The health and wellness industry has welcomed a greener alternative to overall wellness. The farming industry has seen new possibilities for their land and soil. The entertainment industry has elevated pot to a more mainstream cultural fixture. However, while cannabis legalization has brought about a plethora of positive changes, there have also been hurdles, especially in aspects of sustainability and eco-friendly cannabis packaging. Let’s explore sustainability principles, why is sustainable packaging important, why sustainability matters, and why consumers should support cannabis and hemp brands who have committed to sustainable packaging. 

Sustainability Principles and Cannabis Packaging

There are three key sustainability principles: social, economic and environmental (or people, profit, planet). Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging that promotes the above sustainability principles. Ultimately, sustainable cannabis packaging is packaging that doesn’t perpetuate the global waste problem. 

Why is Sustainable Packaging Important?

Largely due to single-use plastics, which the cannabis industry is no stranger to, we humans have created a massive trash problem that has become detrimental to the environment. And with more than 300 tons of plastic produced annually, according to GreenPeace, only 9% of that plastic waste actually gets recycled! This is why sustainable packaging is important, especially in cannabis. Cannabis consumers, who are generally more eco-conscious, have an opportunity to support companies that place the planet over profits and that are committed to product and packaging sustainability that helps ease the burden on our planet. 

Why Sustainability Matters in Cannabis Packaging

If you have purchased cannabis from a newly regulated dispensary, you often leave with more waste (packaging) than weed. For a plant that honors all things Mother Nature, it seems almost offensive to leave a dispensary with cannabis in plastic packaging that will likely end up in a landfill. That may be why many cannabis companies are enthusiastically exploring ways to reduce, reuse and recycle their cannabis packaging despite it costing more money. Companies like HISIERRA have taken the popular exit bag, a child-resistant bag often made of plastic, and created a line of plastic-free bags made entirely from renewable and plant-based materials. If you are still asking yourself why sustainability matters, it’s because sustainable cannabis packaging is the future of cannabis. When you support cannabis and hemp brands that are committed to sustainable packaging practices, you are directly supporting sustainability with your dollars.

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for Worthy Brands to Support

  • Are the materials naturally sourced?

Like HISIERRA using sugarcane for exit bags, companies can now use materials like corrugated cardboard, recycled plastics and cellulose packaging that is made from natural sources like hemp, wood and cotton. 

  • Do the packaging materials biodegrade?

The most biodegradable materials are natural and untreated, like wood or bamboo, which are rare in cannabis packaging. However, you can find biodegradable plant-based materials like hemp, sugarcane and more. 

  • Is the packaging designed for multiple uses?

This one is key! Just because packaging is reusable, doesn’t mean it will be used again. Consumers are drawn to well designed, reusable packaging. 

  • Does the packaging material include chemicals or harmful additives?

BPA, DEHP and melamine are a few well-known chemicals of concern that are used to make plastics and migrate from plastics. In traditional, non-recycled plastic packaging alone, there are more than 4,000 chemicals that are commonly used. 

  • Is the product domestically-sourced?

Packaging that is produced in the US is another way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. When companies purchase packaging from other companies, there is an enormous amount of energy and fuel used.

If you answered “yes” for all of the questions, you have found a worthy brand to support!

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Helps Positively Impact the Environment

Today’s consumers have become more educated about the brands and businesses they support, and green is now a go-to. When consumers support sustainable brands, there is a positive impact on the environment. In conclusion, sustainable cannabis packaging seeks to eliminate toxic constituents, uses less material, uses more recycled content and makes packaging more readily recyclable. 

For all things sustainable cannabis packaging, HISIERRA is the greenest choice. HISIERRA develops and manufactures earth-friendly, American-made cannabis packaging solutions. Their goal is to make the cannabis world a greener place by providing products to enhance eco-friendly messaging and preserve products with certified safe and child-resistant packaging solutions. Shop HISIERRA sustainable cannabis packaging online now or inquire about custom orders.

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