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Everything You Need to Know About Weed Packaging from HISIERRA®

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As a dispensary, cultivator or other cannabis-related business, you understand the importance of proper weed packaging. From finding the right weed containers and weed packaging bags to creating custom weed baggies, it’s essential to have a product that is easily accessible, meets standards and provides you with the options YOUR business needs. At HISIERRA®, we have created the best containers for weed that are meant to meet the unique and challenging needs of a business in the cannabis industry.

Sustainable and Accessible

HISIERRA® is a sustainable weed packaging bag company offering a full line up of products for your cannabis-based business. We offer product packaging for everything from flower to concentrate and even pre-roll tubes and custom weed baggies. We have LEED certification and use green materials in our packaging. We also offer American-made products and our business is done in the United States.

As a company, we are committed to offering an extremely high level of quality in each of our products while also ensuring they are accessible to different cannabis-based businesses. We understand the the costs associated with running a dispensary or cultivation business can be extremely high, but we don’t sacrifice quality when creating products that are affordable.

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The HISIERRA® Difference

Waste is a huge issue in the cannabis industry (as it is in other industries). To meet safe packaging requirements and the demands put on businesses by a completely new industry, many dispensaries have to use weed packaging bags and containers that are not eco-friendly. Previously, these types of containers were the only options available for businesses that needed to meet compliance standards. HISIERRA® solves that problem. Not only do we offer the best containers for weed but we also ensure the containers will meet compliance guidelines and serve your business needs.

Containers Designed for the Weed Industry

Any cannabis-based business (or other businesses with similar needs) can use our products! We sell our products by the case and have simple to understand pricing practices. No more calculating wholesale prices while also trying to figure out how many you need of each product to meet certain minimums. With HISIERRA®, you get one affordable price per case so you can fulfill the packaging needs your business has.

Compliance for Weed Packaging

We offer some child-resistant compliant weed packaging solutions for businesses. Our products like the Zipline bag include child-resistant features and also have many of the required symbols to ensure you are within the compliance standards.

Compliance requirements vary from state to state. Make sure that you check your licensing requirements to ensure you have the appropriate weed bags or containers to meet your state’s guidelines.

Available Packaging Options

No matter what you sell, we have the best containers for weed in a variety of options!


Our weed bag selection includes products like exit bags, weekender bags and the zipline. Need to make sure that your logo is on your products before leaving the dispensary with customizable bags? We also offer custom weed baggies that you can include your own branding on.


With jars, you get the perfect way to pack flower each and every time. There’s a reason that jars have been so popular through the years and at HISIERRA®, we’ve found the perfect jar to fit dispensary needs. Gone are the days of film canisters and old spaghetti jars for your weed storage (yeah, we know you’ll miss that plastic-y taste added to hit you take). HISIERRA® weed containers are easy to use and integrate into your business while also offering your customers a great product to protect their weed at home!
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We’ve taken our perfectly designed jars and customized them to work or your concentrates. If you need a solution that has a tight seal and works for a variety of different concentrates.
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Like the rest of us, you’re probably sick of the waste that comes from pre-rolls. This type of packaging can be among the worst for the environment and results in a lot of waste thanks to the single-serve nature of pre-rolls. We’ve got the solution! With compostable pre-roll tubes, you can offer your customers an easy smoke solution while also doing your part for the environment.

Humidity Control

You get the importance of humidity control in weed containers and bags. So do we. With the Integra Boost, you can keep your cannabis at the optimal humidity level.
No matter what your weed packaging needs are, we have you covered. Do your part for the environment and make a change to your current packaging setup. We can help you get started with high-quality, affordable and sustainable weed containers!