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Vermont Cannabis Packaging

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Planning on traveling or even moving to the Green Mountain State? It is a beautiful place with forested natural beauty, wooden covered bridges, scenic hiking trails and amazing ski opportunities. If you’re wondering, is weed legal in Vermont? The short answer is yes. Keep reading for more information about Vermont cannabis laws, recreational weed and the state’s quest to reduce cannabis waste.

vermont recreational weed

Vermont Cannabis Legalization

Vermont cannabis is indeed legal, making it possible to obtain both medicinal marijuana and Vermont recreational weed, now preferrably and professionally referred to as cannabis. In 2018, Bill H.511 made way for Act 86, which made it legal to grow, share and consume cannabis. It also permits the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis by adults age 21 and older.

However, while the state initially legalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis in 2018, there was no way for recreational users to purchase from a Vermont dispensary until October 2022. This wasn’t the first incident of Vermont cannabis laws moving slowly; Vermont legalized medicinal cannabis in 2004 but didn’t offer it in dispensaries until 2013.

Today, Vermont recreational weed consumers have a lot of options, with more than 30 legal retail establishments operational in the state and more being licensed every day. It’s a great time for Vermont cannabis consumers, and cannabis brands need to stand out. Many cannabis start-ups and businesses are asking themselves, what’s the best way to package my products to extend shelf-life, meet compliance requirements and attract customers? Enter our eco-friendly Vermont cannabis packaging solutions.

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Vermont Cannabis Packaging

The main purpose of Vermont cannabis packaging is to protect the product from air, heat and moisture. Consumers want their product to be fresh, tasty and potent for as long as possible.

Retail sellers need to ensure they adhere to Vermont cannabis packaging regulations, which require that the packaging be child-resistant, opaque and labeled in a clear way that does not appeal to children.

Legal cannabis isn’t the only thing that makes Vermont a “green” state — Vermont cannabis laws also restrict single-use synthetic containers. So while single-use packaging is totally fine in many other states, Vermont cannabis packaging is a little different.

So how do you package your product in a way that adheres to all Vermont cannabis laws, meets Vermont cannabis packaging regulations and doesn’t completely destroy your profit margin?

The answer is HISIERRA.

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Who is HiSierra?

HiSierra is an American company dedicated to providing earth-friendly and sustainable child-proof cannabis storage containers for businesses that care as much about the planet as they do about their bottom line. HiSierra knows that cannabis waste is no longer acceptable and more importantly, no longer necessary.

HiSierra maintains a wind-powered renewable energy factory in the heartland of the United States. We’re dedicated to reducing the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint by:

  • using state-of-the-art equipment
  • reducing cannabis waste
  • choosing sustainable plant-based raw materials for our products

Our goal is to make the cannabis world a greener place while providing you with certified safe and child-resistant packaging solutions that underscore your brand’s eco-friendly message.

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HiSierra Products

HiSierra has made a name for itself in the packaging world with:

  • Exit Bags that are renewable, reusable and responsibly manufactured from sugarcane. Our exit bags are available in two different sizes, each with press-to-close and zip-to-close styles.
  • Storage Bags in pound and kilo sizes that provide heavy-duty odor protection and puncture resistance. These bags come with resealable zippers and bottom gussets that make them easy to stand and fill.
  • Concentrate Containers made from recycled German glass that are as beautiful as they are functional, with wide mouths and rounded designs to keep customers happy and products fresh.
  • Crativ Containers that are more than just recyclable, they contain additives that aid in biodegradation. These are ideal for pre-rolls, vape cartridges and edibles as well as flower, all while maintaining child safety through a locking mechanism and providing rugged durability for transport.
  • Custom-printed pouches available in gram, eighth, quarter and half-ounce sizes, featuring your logo and design. Our custom-printed pouches are the ultimate in brand promotion and clean and green materials. Contact the team for a custom quote.

And now HiSierra presents our latest addition to our green packaging line with:

  • HiSierra Bio Bags made from PET, PP and PE film that incorporates ENSO Restore for the ultimate in biodegradability. These bags are truly earth-friendly Vermont cannabis packaging — instead of sitting in a landfill forever, they’ll break down and actually benefit the soil.

Choose HiSierra for Vermont Cannabis Packaging

If you’re a cannabis retailer in Vermont, show customers your dedication to renewable and sustainable product packaging by choosing the company with the reputation for the highest quality earth-friendly packaging at the best possible pricing. Choose HiSierra for all of your Vermont cannabis packaging needs. Once you go HiSierra, you’ll never go back.