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Why is Green Cannabis Packaging Important?

The impact of plastic and other harmful pollutants on our environment is undeniable. Scientists and activists say that the human footprint will be one of our greatest challenges to overcome if we hope to save the planet. No longer such a fringe idea, saving the environment has become a legitimate social-justice issue across the globe. And, because overconsumption and throw-away culture significantly contributes to our overall human footprint, some companies and brands have begun to take notice. We hear phrases like “sustainable packaging” and “eco packaging” used a lot when discussing environmentally conscious business practices. We work to make environmentally friendly cannabis bags.

But, what distinguishes green packaging from the rest? What does it all mean to the rapidly growing cannabis packaging industry? And, what can it mean for the overall economic performance of a business? Curious? Read on. Today we will be exploring why green packaging is important to all businesses, but especially new and emerging cannabis businesses.

What is Cannabis Packaging?

Cannabis packaging is the method of taking harvested cannabis and splitting it into rigid and flexible packaging. Due to state regulations, often cannabis packaging must be resealable and child-resistant. Cannabis brands also use their packaging as a way to convey key messaging, branding and the overall brand aesthetic to consumers. Mostly, however, the intention of cannabis packaging is to preserve the quality and integrity of the enclosed cannabis with things like environmentally friendly cannabis bags.

Like the rest of the world, though, the cannabis industry has become a contributor to the plastic packaging waste problem. According to the EPA, product packaging and containers make up just under 30% of total municipal solid waste. Imagine if single-use packaging was instead biodegradable? Or, like HISIERRA, using one of earth’s precious natural resources: sugarcane? Luckily, conversations about greener alternatives are becoming more popular in the cannabis industry. 

What is Green Packaging?

Green packaging, also called sustainable packaging or eco-packaging, relies on materials and manufacturing techniques that aim to diminish energy use and reduce the harmful impacts the packaging industry has on the environment. However, due to the phrase’s growing popularity in the past decade, we are still assessing what it means to be “green” through a limited scope. 

Typically centered around key causes like water use/treatment, energy, transportation and waste, few businesses have taken the opportunity to promote green packaging standards. Even though “going green” is shown to positively affect a company’s bottom line, across sectors, green packaging is still considered a niche market. 

Green “Cannabis” Packaging

Green packaging often includes biodegradable and recyclable materials. Compared to the outdated materials of the past like styrofoam and plastic, cannabis brands are getting creative when it comes to packaging options. From recycled ocean plastics to biodegradable cannabis packaging solutions, hemp to sugarcane, a greener future for the cannabis packaging industry awaits!

Why is Green Packaging Important to Your Business Strategy? 

More than optics or impact, having a business strategy that keeps green at the forefront is key to a successful venture. From inception to product placement, cannabis brands have a unique opportunity to keep cannabis sustainable, and, well, green. Remember now, we are discussing the commodification of a naturally growing plant that is said to have a myriad of positive health side effects.

2021 Cannabis Packaging Market Forecast 

According to popular stock and news site, MarketWatch, the “global Cannabis Packaging market size is projected to reach USD 1016 million by 2026, from USD 359.6 million in 2020”. That’s a whole lot of cannabis packaging and yet, nowhere in the report was the environmental impact or the importance of green packaging in cannabis. This needs to change. In order to have a lasting and legitimate impact on the environment, the cannabis community must begin to think beyond the bottom line. 

A Look Ahead 

Due to the recent and long overdue attention, interest in green packaging solutions has seen a necessary revival. This revival is happening alongside sweeping cannabis legalization, which can provide cannabis brands a unique opportunity to not only protect the environment with their green packaging but also to ensure product quality for new and existing cannabis consumers. For a growing number of consumers and brands, green cannabis packaging is an issue as important as legalization itself. What good is providing legal, regulated cannabis if the packaging only contributes to a growing global waste problem?  

HISIERRA® is Leading the Change

HISIERRA® is proud to be a cannabis packaging company that not only offers American made packaging, but their sustainable packaging is also the only certified child resistant exit bag made from renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials! Manufactured with clean, green renewable energy at a wind-powered LEED™-certified factory located in the heartland of America, HISIERRA® is proud to use sugarcane as ourr secret weapon in most green cannabis packaging solutions. 

We make the cannabis world a greener place by providing you with eco packaging products and environmentally friendly cannabis bags that enhance your company or brand’s eco-friendly messaging and preserve your products with safe and child-resistance cannabis packaging.  

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