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Which States are Set to Legalize Cannabis in 2022?

OK eager Googler (or Binger or whatever), you’ve got questions like “when will marijuana be legal in North Carolina?” “is marijuana recreational in Missouri?” “is marijuana legal in Wyoming?” “is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?” and “will Minnesota legalize weed in 2022?” Well, we’ve got answers. Look below for a quick listing of states ready to legalize pot.

Studies and polls have confirmed that majorities of Americans believe cannabis has a place in modern society, as well as an overall positive impact. A poll conducted between March 17 and March 30 by independent market-research provider Pollfish discovered 61% of responders support pro-legalization political candidates; the group identified as Democrats (33.4%), Republicans (25.4%), Independents (24.0%), “no political affiliation” (12.5%) and other (4.8%). The question remains, however, are our representatives in government listening? While some states tackled legalization a decade ago, other states ready to legalize pot are ramping up. Here is the industry buzz around states set to legalize cannabis in 2022:

Will it happen soon in Arkansas?

Time is not on your side, Natural State, as only the first two quarters of 2022 can be used for the signature-gathering required for legalized adult-use marijuana to appear on the ballot. The corresponding bill generously allows Arkansas citizens to purchase four ounces. So get out there and sign a petition now!

What about Delaware?

House Bill 150 aims to allow 21-year olds to possess and consume under one ounce. The bill, however, does not allow people to grow their own cannabis. “Support for adult recreational marijuana has been growing for years in Delaware and across the country,” Rep. Ed Osienski said in a press release. “We have seen other states successfully enact policies that established a safe and legal market for cannabis, and we have studied those laws to craft the best policy for Delaware. We believe we have a solid bill that has the support of the public, and we believe we have the political will to pass this bill into law.”


Two separate campaigns are in the works, Idahoans. One is for approval of the medical marijuana bill and the other is for the decriminalization of cannabis. Kind Idaho is working to gather signatures to get the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act for 2022 (IMMA) in front of voters. The Idaho Way (formerly known as the Idaho Citizen Coalition for Cannabis) is also currently collecting the nearly 65,000 signatures required to place the Personal Adult Marijuana Decriminalization Act of 2022 (PAMDA) on the 2022 ballot.

How about Maryland?

Maryland is taking this decision to its citizens by way of a general election ballot. This course is supported in the Senate, and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones has said “The disparate criminal justice impact leads me to believe that the voters should have a say in the future of legalization. The House will pass legislation early next year to put this question before the voters, but we need to start looking at changes needed to State law now.”

Is marijuana recreational in Missouri?

“There’s widespread support among Missouri voters to regulate, tax and legalize marijuana,” Legal Missouri 2022 campaign manager John Payne said in a public statement. “The status quo has allowed an unsafe, illegal market to thrive in Missouri, while preventing law enforcement from truly prioritizing the fight against violent crime.” But if you’re wondering, is marijuana recreational in Missouri, it doesn’t look like any time in the immediate future.

Is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?

A Pennsylvania bill is being considered to legalize one ounce of cannabis and five grams of concentrate for personal use. The legislation, House Bill 2050, additionally puts social and criminal justice at the head of reform. Keep an eye on this legislation to learn: is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?!


There’s a major initiative for legalization in the upcoming November 2022 election. “Until we pass recreational [marijuana legalization] we will not be able to truly bring stability to our program,” said Jed Green, head of Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action, to The Oklahoman. “Legalization prevents diversion. Folks have been and are going to use marijuana. Have been for decades. It is in the best interest of our state to get ahead of the curve on this issue. We must put this issue to rest.”

Is marijuana legal in Wyoming?

Wyoming cannabis advocates are focused on medical legalization in 2022. “We’re encouraging medical freedom and medical liberty,” Madonna Long, one of the initiative sponsors, told a local news source. “Voters truly do understand what the initiative is, and they’re coming here on their own.” The state is also feeling pressure to retain revenue as nearby states have already legalized. To those wondering: is marijuana legal in Wyoming, keep an eye out.

When will marijuana be legal in North Carolina?

Unfortunately for Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio, legalized weed in 2022 does not look promising. Sadly googlers will keep asking “when will marijuana be legal in North Carolina?” for at least another year.

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