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Rhode Island Cannabis Packaging

Is weed legal in Rhode Island? Ayuh. Although the Ocean State notoriously had some of the strictest mandatory minimums for cannabis possession in the U.S. in the past, Little Rhody legalized medical marijuana in 2006, making it the 11th state to do so. In May 2022, voters overwhelmingly passed legislation to legalize Rhode Island recreational weed. While it took until December 2022 for adults to be able to purchase recreational Rhode Island cannabis from one of five Rhode Island cannabis dispensaries within the state, the state is expected to issue an additional 28 licenses over the next year. Of these 28 licenses, a portion will be set aside specifically for worker-owned cooperatives and social equity applicants. Wicked cool.

The smallest state in the U.S. is now open to all of the health and wellness benefits that cannabis can provide. That’s not all, though. Given its robust Rhode Island weed testing requirements, it is gaining the reputation for having some of the safest and purest medicinal cannabis products in its region.

“Hope” is Rhode Island’s state motto. If you hope to become part of the rapidly growing Rhode Island recreational weed market, the first step is to familiarize yourself with all the Rhode Island cannabis laws. Your next step is to learn more about HISIERRA, the American company dedicated to providing you with renewable, sustainable packaging for all of your Rhode Island cannabis packaging needs.

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Why choose HiSierra?

Governmental departments in Rhode Island have already shown that they care what goes into your body by establishing testing processes for all medical marijuana sold. This not only includes testing for potency and pesticides, but also heavy metals testing, water activity testing and microbiological testing as well.

It’s a given that, while not a requirement yet, showing care for the environment and the footprint we leave behind is of utmost importance as well. While Rhode Island cannabis packaging regulations are already in place, you never have to wonder if your packaging is sustainable when you order from HiSierra. All HiSierra exit bags have been tested and certified to meet Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance not only in Rhode Island, but everywhere. HiSierra is dedicated to making the cannabis world a greener place by providing top-shelf child-resistant, eco-friendly sustainable packaging materials manufactured in our LEED-certified American factory. You can enhance your environmentally conscious message and protect the planet for far less than you might think possible.

Rhode Island Cannabis Packaging by HiSierra

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HiSierra Exit Bags

HiSierra Exit Bags are the absolute finest when it comes to American-made, reusable, renewable and responsible cannabis packaging. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, multiple colors and with both zip-to-close and press-to-close options, these bags send an eco-friendly message to your customers: You not only care about ensuring your product’s quality, but the environment we share as well. Bags can even be customized to your specific branding with low minimums and no plates.
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HiSierra Storage Bags

HiSierra Storage Bags provide heavy-duty odor protection and incredible puncture resistance using renewable and sustainable plant-based materials. With tamper-evident closures, these heat-seal compatible transport and showcase bags feature large eight-inch bottom gussets for easy stand-up filling.

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HiSierra Concentrate Containers

HiSierra Concentrate Containers are just as beautiful as they are functional. Available in clear, white and glossy black, these perfectly engineered jars are manufactured in the USA from recycled German glass and have ocean-based plastic lids. In half-gram and one-gram sizes, with wide mouths and a rounded design that makes them easy to open and easy to hold, these cannabis concentrate containers keep the product fresh and your customers happy while reducing your carbon footprint.

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HiSierra Crativ Containers

HiSierra Crativ Containers are the ultimate when it comes to containing and transporting flower, concentrate, pre-rolls, edibles or vapes. Sleek and durable with a locking mechanism that is easy for adults to open while keeping kids out, these food-grade containers keep your Rhode Island cannabis fresh while providing rugged protection. In a wide variety of sizes and black, white or natural color options, you can choose from USDA-certified plant-based material or our proprietary material built for accelerated degradation for a packaging solution that goes beyond recyclable and can actually be buried in the backyard for benefits you can see in as little as 180 days. Versatile, sustainable, safe and convenient, these are the ultimate when it comes to an eco-friendly Rhode Island weed storage solution.

Choose HiSierra for your Rhode Island Cannabis Packaging Needs

Now that “Is weed legal in Rhode Island” is no longer a question, the only question is this: where are you going to put it all?

The answer is HiSierra. When you need wholesale packaging supplies that adhere to all Rhode Island cannabis laws and carry a verifiable third-party child resistant certification, nothing else even comes close to the full product line offered by HiSierra. Using green materials and green manufacturing in an LEED-certified factory that uses 100% renewable wind power energy, HiSierra produces innovative designs that you can trust to protect your product and our planet.

Send a positive message to your Rhode Island cannabis customers with globally responsible, high-quality products at an affordable price that ship to you anywhere in the continental U.S. for free. Don’t just be a boss—be a trailblazer in the Rhode Island cannabis market. Partner with HiSierra for all of your earth-friendly, kid-safe, sustainable and renewable cannabis packaging needs.