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Reusable and Recyclable Cannabis Packaging Alternatives for Green Brands

Between legalization, shifting attitudes, new ways to easily consume cannabis, and new developments in Delta strains, the cannabis landscape is a much different place than it was even five years ago. But one shift many companies in this space are just starting to embrace is reusable and recyclable cannabis packaging. According to a study done by Nielson, more than 70% of Gen Z and Millennial buyers are willing to spend more on products that use sustainable packaging. Many consumers find themselves asking “are cannabis containers recyclable?” 

The short answer? No. Most companies have not made the switch to recyclable containers for cannabis. Not only that, another study found that most cannabis packaging weighs nearly half as much as the product itself! 

At HISIERRA, we pride ourselves on not only developing and manufacturing earth-friendly, American-made cannabis packaging solutions, we want to make the cannabis world a greener place by providing products that support eco-friendly messaging. Our goal is to provide safe, child-resistant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry, and we urge our peers to do the same.

If your goal is to provide a greener experience for your customers, recyclable cannabis packaging is a great place to start. Learn more about some of our best-selling recyclable and reusable cannabis containers and their popular, yet not-so-eco-friendly alternatives. That way, when fellow cannabis professionals ask for recommendations for recyclable containers, you’ll be able to point them in the right direction.

Plastic Baggies vs. HiSierra OG Exit Bags

The classic plastic baggie is so last year (five years ago?!) — HiSierra’s exit bags are today and tomorrow. They’re the only recyclable containers that can also say they’re earth-friendly, kid-safe, sustainable, renewable and made in America. 

Can your typical plastic baggie say that? Even three out of five? Nope.

Regardless of the kinds of products you offer, HISIERRA’s Exit Bags have an option for you. Need small packaging for small orders? Check out our Jam Session options. Need something bigger for buyers who are stocking up? Our Weekender bags measure 12x9x4 inches.

With multiple sizes, colors and closure options, HISIERRA exit bags offer a discreet yet unique recyclable container experience. Both puncture and odor-resistant, these exit bags set the bar for recyclable cannabis containers. Shop exit bags online now!

Plastic Doob Tubes vs. Glass Containers

Doob Tubes are still the most common and popular option for storing pre-rolls. However, what if you could not only store  pre-rolls and concentrates in better-looking containers, but better-looking recyclable containers? HISIERRA has the perfect solution. 

With our concentrate glass containers, HISIERRA offers beauty and functionality. Using a redesigned round recycled glass container and a lid made with recycled ocean plastic, HISIERRA keeps the goods fresh while helping the environment. And once it’s empty, there’s no need to throw it out: just search “cannabis containers recycle DIY ideas” and see all the ways you can get more mileage out of our glass packaging. Shop glass containers for cannabis extracts.

Single Use Plastic Travel Containers vs. Crativ Containers

Sometimes, buyers choose to keep a lot of cannabis on hand. It used to be common for consumers to keep their cannabis in single-use plastic travel containers until it ran out, then dispose of the container. Then they’d stock up again, rinse and repeat. 

But we’ve got a modern solution we think your buyers will love: Crativ containers.

When it comes to reusable and recyclable cannabis packaging, Crativ has it all. Crativ containers come in 12 sizes to fit any cannabis product, from pre-rolls and concentrates to edibles and a full quarter of flower. Each recyclable container has a childproof locking mechanism and is available in both plant-based and our proprietary accelerated degradation material. In other words, no petroleum-based plastics here. Similar to our glass containers, the Crativ containers are also perfect for cannabis container recycling DIY ideas. Check out all the Crativ containers we offer.

Go Green with Reusable and Recyclable Cannabis Packaging

Regardless of which types of cannabis containers you’re currently using, HISIERRA has options to replace them with more environmentally friendly and cost-effective recyclable containers. This way, when buyers ask “are cannabis containers recyclable?” you can unequivocally tell them yes!

If you’re sure which containers you need, reach out to HISIERRA today and we’ll answer all of your questions. Our mission is to make the cannabis world a greener place by educating business owners on how they can do their part and guiding them to the products that best fit their business goals and needs.

Whether you need a quote for customized reusable and recyclable cannabis packaging or would like to talk through your Crativ Container options, HISIERRA is ready to help. Contact us today to chat more.

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