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6 Reasons to Choose HISIERRA® Packaging for Your Cannabis Business

Are you trying to find the best containers for cannabis? It’s important to make sure that you have high-quality containers that customers can use to exit your dispensary and take your product home with them. With so much plastic use in the industry, it can be difficult to find eco-friendly containers that are also child-resistant! Our cannabis containers and baggies provide those options which are just a couple of the reasons that make them the best! 

We Keep the Environment in Mind 

Our products are manufactured in a LEED-certified facility in the midwestern region of the United States. This, in addition to other measures we’ve taken, is part of our commitment to creating an environmentally friendly product. We’ve created the ideal solution for dispensaries to continue offering quality bags and storage containers without harmful traditional plastic bags. Our eco-friendly containers can be used by dispensaries that want to support the environment without sacrificing quality in packaging products. Some of the things we do to make our containers as green as possible: 


  • No fossil fuels in our packaging factory 
  • Use of 100% renewable wind power
  • Cannabis bags are made from plants

Safety Features Included 

It’s not just important to have bags that are child-resistant. In some locations, it’s the law. Our bags are compliant with childproofing laws and are made with safety features so that you can feel confident about the way you package your products for customers. We’ve designed exit bags that are up to ASTM D3475 standards and meet protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 which means they’ll be compliant everywhere!  

Customization Available 

Branding is important for any business but especially if you’re in an area with a lot of dispensary saturation. Make sure that your customers know who they got their product from with branded baggies and containers. Our customizable options allow you to make the bags exactly how you want them. Whether you put your logo, exciting messaging or anything else on the bags is up to you! All of our customizable bags use eco-friendly processes and are made from the same raw plant materials that our other bags are made from. Plus, we have low order minimums so you can get the quantity you need without any extra waste! Get a quote on customizable bags here.

Cannabis Containers to Choose From 

Whether you need exit bags for your customers or customized jars to provide their cannabis with, you can do it with all the options that we have available! Unlike other companies that only offer one product for dispensaries, we have a variety to suit your needs. All of our eco-friendly containers are manufactured in a way that allows them to work for your business. 

Compatible With INTEGRA BOOST™

When you’re storing cannabis or even just for short trips in an exit bag, the humidity needs to be perfect. Because changes in temperature and humidity can impact your cannabis, it is a good idea to make sure that you are protecting it. The INTEGRA BOOST™ is an ideal solution that will allow you to create the ideal environment for your cannabis. Products from HISIERRA® are made to work seamlessly with INTEGRA BOOST™ to create balance for each of your dispensary products. The INTEGRA BOOST™ works by providing two-way humidity control for your cannabis. Whether it needs to release or absorb moisture, your products will always be perfectly balanced. 

Designed for Dispensaries

All the products from HISIERRA® are designed with dispensaries in mind. We understand that providing your customers with the highest quality cannabis is important and that’s why we’ve created the best eco-friendly containers for cannabis. Give your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can count on the packaging that you use for your products without the worries that come from using containers that are not eco-friendly. Forget the plastic baggies of the past and impress your customers with your commitment to a better environment with our bags made for your dispensary out of raw plant-based materials! 

See?! We’ve got the best containers for cannabis that you can use in your dispensary. Our cannabis containers offer so many benefits, are easy to use and work perfectly for your business! Shop our eco-friendly containers and bags today! 

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