CRATIV Vault 40 – Accelerator

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“The CRATIV Vault – 40 has fresh seal technology and is a compact, earth friendly and child resistant food grade container. Available in our proprietary, accelerated degradation or USDA certified Plant Based (PB) material, the Vault 40 offers a truly sustainable solution to your packaging needs. The CRATIV Vault – 40 is a versatile, sustainable, safe and convenient cannabis storage solution. Measuring 3.23″ x 3.17″ x 1.37″, you can easily fit 1/8th of flower, edibles, pre-rolls, cigarettes, and concentrates. The child locking mechanism requires you to push in and up on the locking tab to open, making it easy enough for adults while safeguarding your products from the youngsters. The sleek, durable, lightweight food grade container helps to maintain the freshness of the contents while also allowing for rugged product protection. The ergonomic design also lends to being the most portable and convenient case available.

Size: 3.23″ x 3.17″ x 1.37″ inches
Inside Dimensions: 2.64″ x 2.64″ x 1.28″ inches
Material: Food grade certified USDA bio-based resin and Accelerated Degradation
Fresh Seal Technology
Push tab in and up to open CR closure
Plant Based Colors: Black, White & Natural Tan
Accelerator Colors: Black & White”

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