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The Best Pre-Roll Containers for the Planet

​​Here in the States, we love quick and easy ways to go about our day. All around us are our pillars of convenience, from 24/7 minimarts, prepared meal plans, delivery services and more, we’re a culture that enjoys our creature comforts presented to us in the most convenient ways possible. Within the cannabis market, this translated into the rise of the pre-rolled joint. Pre-rolls are great for various reasons. Visiting a dispensary and buying a joint is an effortless way to sample cannabis flower. Why commit to a large quantity when we can taste test it with cannabis pre-roll tubes? Pre-roll joint packaging also easy to carry around and eliminate the work needed to roll your own — since not all of us are gifted in the joint-rolling department. Learn more about why our pre-roll containers are the BEST! 

However, there’s a caveat — pre-rolled joints typically come in plastic tubes. Joints sold individually equate to thousands of plastic tubes being sent into circulation daily that inevitably end up in our landfills or polluting our waters, contributing to things like “great plastic garbage patch” in the Pacific Ocean. It’s not breaking news that the cannabis industry struggles with a growing plastic problem, but there are solutions too. The most logical solution is seeking out packaging companies that are using responsible materials to manufacture cannabis packaging, but what are the most important factors when choosing joint pre-roll packaging?


Cannabis packaging is highly regulated — with the majority of state officials focusing on keeping cannabis out of the hands of children. Being compliant with the state can be a challenge as guidelines are frequently changing or being updated. Manufacturers are often juggling multiple regulating bodies when bringing their products to market, and this process entails ensuring their packaging is child-resistant and labeled properly. These days, it’s best for manufacturers to reassess their packaging processes to offer safe, attractive product containers that customers will find functional, that also meet stringent regulatory needs.

Functionality & Freshness

Brands are constantly aiming to understand how their consumers carry and store their products so they can make more informed decisions regarding their product’s packaging. For pre-rolled joints, tubes are efficient because they are small and slim with a hardened exterior to protect the joint if it’s tossed in a bag, for example. Tubes are also airtight so the joint will remain fresh for an extended period of time when it is in its closed container. Multi-pack joint packaging works for brands offering packs rather than single joints. Unlike the traditional paper based packaging, plastic packages will protect the joints even if they’re tossed around, dropped or lost in the couch cushions. These hard types of packages retain freshness and protect from UV Rays. Keeping products fresh and shelf-stable is another major factor that contributes to the selection of cannabis pre-roll packaging. Opaque packaging protects the product from UV rays that can degrade the flower.

Environmental Impact of Cannabis Pre-roll Tubes

For many companies, gauging the environmental impact of their packaging is an important part of their selection process. Hard plastics can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to degrade, littering the environment and contributing to trash deposits and landfills. Though there are eco-friendly packaging options available, not all truly make the mark. That’s where CRATIV comes in. Here at HISIERRA®, we’ve taken the time to develop a pre-roll packaging solution that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, freshness or compliance. 

The CRATIV pre-roll joint packages are engineered using additives to create biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for pre-roll containers. In addition to the joint container, we developed paper inserts that are chemical-free, biodegradable and recyclable. 

Since cannabis pre-roll tubes contribute to 40% of the cannabis industry’s waste, it’s time to reconsider packaging options that sacrifice our environment. In 2020, it was reported that the cannabis industry creates 150M tons of waste annually, which would put packaging waste alone at 60M tons of waste per year. That’s a lot of plastic going into our landfills, polluting our oceans and harming our wildlife. Choosing to partner with a packaging company that creates sustainable packaging solutions is something a company can be proud of. It takes more than simply advocating for cleaner, greener solutions in the cannabis industry. We must come together and take action by investing in small steps and better partnerships to create a truly eco-friendly industry. At HISIERRA®, we aim to provide greener solutions for our industry. We take pride in using renewable energy for our green manufacturing practices and developing compliant products created out of biodegradable and recycled ocean plastics. Sustainability is possible — and packaging can be our industry’s first step in the right direction.


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