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Sustainable Preroll Joint Containers & Inserts

Anyone who’s done their fair share of shopping at a dispensary can see that single-use plastic packaging is excessive. Some of the thick plastics used to store things like pre roll containers are extremely tough to open, or worse, non-recyclable. After a year of shopping at a dispensary, those packages add up — if they can’t be reused or recycled, they will end up in a landfill, contributing to our world’s exorbitant plastic problem. If you’re eco-conscious, then cannabis packaging, especially pre roll joint containers, can be cringeworthy. 

At HISIERRA, we’re dedicated to supplying the best, sustainable cannabis packaging available on the market. We believe that making the cannabis industry greener starts with the things we use to carry, store and deliver cannabis products. It’s no secret that the cannabis industry suffers from a plastic dilemma, but we’re prepared to combat this issue with our functional, creative, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

In fact, we’re so committed to finding solutions to the ever-growing plastic packaging problem that we’ve partnered with Crativ to supply recyclable cannabis pre roll joint containers. At Crativ, additives are included in the packaging materials to encourage biodegradation. Additionally, Crativ uses recycled plastic and chemical-free recycled foam in its inserts. Through this partnership, we were able to create sustainable pre roll containers that are compliant with government regulations and work to keep cannabis out of the wrong hands, while also keeping products fresh, easy to store and carry. It’s a win-win for making cannabis pre roll containers both more functional and sustainable.

Crativ pre roll containers bulk are available in both their OG designs and their slim packaging in either black or white. Hemp paper inserts can be included in pre roll containers multi pack to keep joints in place while they’re in the package to prevent damage while in transit in a bag or in someone’s pocket. Not to mention, Crativ’s paper inserts are chemical-free, landfill friendly and recyclable.

The need for sustainable cannabis packaging solutions is growing as the legal cannabis industry expands year over year. In 2021, MJ Biz Daily reported that cannabis preroll sales were up 50%, hitting $1.1 billion in sales. Prerolls have become the second-fastest-growing product category as cannabis consumers shop for value products that are conveniently prepackaged. In fact, sales in the “prepackaged” product category have increased by 144% year-over-year from January 2020 to January 2021. Translated into actual units, that’s A LOT of plastic pre roll joint containers floating around in our landfills, water sources, city drains, and generally littering our environment.

There are many reasons why prerolls have become such a popular item in the cannabis market. First of all, they’re easy to use and familiar to consumers. It’s a quick and affordable way to test out new strains without committing to often pricey, larger quantities. Additionally, prerolls are especially attractive to tourists since they’re affordable, portable, and don’t require any tools to consume. Fast forward to the image of $1B worth of pre roll containers floating around in our environment. Pretty jarring, huh? That’s why it’s important to choose sustainable packaging solutions for your cannabis business.

Our HISIERRA customers know we go to great lengths to ensure we’re using sustainable methods in every aspect of our business. We manufacture our products in the United States using 100% renewable wind power technology in our LEED-certified factory, and we use renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials. At Crativ, they take protecting our environment just as seriously and continuously work to maintain a small carbon footprint.

Rather than contributing to the problem, we can all be part of the solution. According to the market research firm Nielsen Global, an astounding 73% of Millenials are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and millennials make up more than 40% of cannabis consumers. It’s safe to assume that companies who commit to sustainable practices will win the hearts and dollars of millennial cannabis consumers, an added bonus. If single-use plastics are wrecking the planet, then it’s part of our collective responsibility to take action against furthering the disastrous effects these items have on our environment.

At HISIERRA, we believe the cannabis industry can operate in compliance with regulatory bodies while still creating sustainable solutions for cannabis packaging. Case in point: our child-resistant, recyclable pre roll containers bulk. If you’re shopping for eco-friendly cannabis pre roll joint containers, look no further than HISIERRA and Crativ. Our packaging isn’t only eco-friendly, it’s child-proof, will keep products fresh, and can be easily customized to display your brand’s logo. Shop our Crativ pre roll containers bulk and pre roll containers multi pack selection.

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