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Compliant Oklahoma cannabis bags are great for the planet!

We’re exploring cannabis packaging company in Oklahoma. But first, how did we get there? Uff da, Oklahoma has definitely not lived up to its nickname of “The Sooner State” when it comes to recognizing the benefits of cannabis and allowing its use recreationally. While many had hoped recreational marijuana legalization would come with the passing of State Question 820, which was voted on in March 2023, it was overwhelmingly rejected with 62% opposition, dad-gummit — even though reports showed that allowing recreational cannabis use among adults 21 and over could have generated nearly $500 million for the state.

Prohibited in 1933 when Oklahoma authorities chose to actively prosecute the users, sellers and growers of cannabis, the 46th state to become part of the U.S. seemed to have finally recognized cannabis’ benefits in 2015, when then Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill that allowed medical trials to investigate how CBD could provide relief to children suffering from epileptic seizures. By June 2018, it seemed that good ol’ OK was becoming open to the possibility that cannabis could be used for health and wellness purposes when medical marijuana was legalized — although that was admittedly with some pretty stiff regulations in place.

While proponents of SQ 820 are of course disheartened by its failure to gain approval, this is certainly not the end of cannabis policy reform efforts. In the meantime, there are 342,000 card-carrying medicinal marijuana patients and more than 2,000 dispensaries in operation. For cannabis business owners marketing their wares, the first step is to make sure that their product complies with all Oklahoma cannabis packaging regulations. The second step is to stand out from the crowd by showing they care for both customers and the planet we all share with eco-friendly Oklahoma cannabis jars and other packaging. That’s where HiSierra comes in.

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Who is HiSierra?

HiSierra is an American company dedicated to providing earth-friendly, kid-safe sustainable cannabis containers to growers and processors who are invested in their communities. Using their clean and green wind-powered LEED-certified factory, HiSierra provides Oklahoma cannabis jars, Oklahoma cannabis bags and even Oklahoma biodegradable cannabis bags to those who want to show their customers that they care about the Earth and its future. With a mission to make the cannabis industry a greener place, HiSierra offers wholesale marijuana packaging supplies that are affordable, eco-friendly and superior to anything else out there. There is no other cannabis packaging company in Oklahoma that can even come close to providing the quality and variety of HiSierra.

HiSierra is the best cannabis packaging company in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma Biodegradable Cannabis Bags

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Storage Bags

Manufactured in the heartland of the U.S., these are the absolute finest when it comes to Oklahoma cannabis packaging. These premium cannabis storage bags are not only durable, but feature large, eight-inch bottom gussets, making them incredibly easy to stand and fill. With heat seal-compatible, tamper-evident closures, these eco-friendly bags are perfect for transportation. They’re available in super-stealth black or with a clear side for showcasing the beautiful buds inside. Both the 14x20x8” pound pouch and the 18x24x6” kilo pouch offer heavy-duty puncture resistance and maximum odor protection while containing your product in the best way possible.
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Exit Bags

HiSierra has everything you’re looking for when it comes to certified child-resistant Oklahoma cannabis bags. Made from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials, you can choose from the 9x6x2” Jam Session or the 12x9x4” Weekender in both slide-to-close and press-to-close options. Using these bags as packaging ensures the quality of the product you are supplying while sending an environmental message.
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Custom Bags

Highlight your brand with some extra flair on your Oklahoma cannabis bags. HiSierra supplies eco-friendly, American-made, child-resistant cannabis packaging with your logo front and center. With the eighth size in 4x6x2”, the Jam Session size in 9x6x2”, and the Weekender size in 12x9x4”, this is the perfect way to emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Customization is also available for the new HiSierra Oklahoma biodegradable cannabis bags, which are tested and certified to be landfill biodegradable due to special earth-friendly additives.

Oklahoma Cannabis Packaging

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Concentrate Jars

HiSierra has engineered Oklahoma cannabis jars that are as beautiful as they are functional. Aesthetically pleasing with a rounded bottom for easy gripping and a wide mouth for easy access, these concentrate containers keep your product fresh and your customers happy. Manufactured in the USA from recycled German glass with ocean-based plastic lids, you can keep a half gram to a full gram in a variety of colors. Make a positive impact on the environment by choosing truly sustainable packaging.
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Pre-Roll Vials

Why settle for some pop-top doob tubes when you can keep your pre-rolls in something that not only looks better, but is also recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly? These glass vials feature a child-resistant push-and-turn cap and can each fit a single pre-roll. With these, a premium option that offers both style and a globally responsible message is only a click away.
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Crativ Containers

When it comes to housing your flower, vape, edibles, concentrate or pre-rolls in packaging that’s rugged, portable and eco-friendly, there is no better choice than HiSierra’s Crativ containers. In a multitude of sizes and available in either USDA certified plant-based (PB) or a proprietary accelerated degradation material, these sleek, durable and lightweight food-grade containers maintain cannabis’ freshness while being truly sustainable. Featuring a locking mechanism that safeguards the contents from young hands and fresh-seal technology for the ultimate in protection, these ergonomic containers simultaneously preserve your product while preserving our planet.

Get the Best in Oklahoma Cannabis Packaging

No other cannabis packaging company in Oklahoma cares more about both customer satisfaction and environmental impact than HiSierra. Making the world a greener place by providing products to enhance eco-friendly messaging, and preserving products with certified safe and child-resistant packaging is what HiSierra is all about. If you are an Oklahoma business owner focused on more than just profit, now is the time to align yourself with HiSierra and their mission to reduce the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint. Alluding to green practices is no longer enough. Today’s cannabis customers are looking for transparency, and brands that put their money behind important causes. Contact HiSierra to begin your partnership today.