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New Mexico Cannabis Packaging

New Mexico medical cannabis is nothing new – The Land of Enchantment has had a tightly restricted medical marijuana program since 2007. What is new is that since April 1st, 2022, New Mexico recreational cannabis became legal for sale from licensed retailers as well. New Mexicans over 21 had been allowed to possess and use recreational cannabis since June 2021, but as of this year with the somewhat recently signed Cannabis Regulation Act, they are now legally allowed to purchase up to 57 grams (2 ounces) of New Mexico marijuana, 16 grams of cannabis extract, and 800 milligrams of edible cannabis at one time. Excess of that amount can be stored within a residence, as long as it is hidden from public view, and adults can grow up to six immature plants for their own usage with a household limit of 12 plants total.

It’s important to note that you still can’t bring New Mexico weed into the state of Texas, where cannabis is still illegal, still cannot drive while under the influence, and still cannot consume New Mexico marijuana in public (unless it’s in a designated consumption area) without being fined, and anyone wishing to sell must have a license – but these new changes have definitely made it easier for New Mexico pot aficionados to obtain what they want and need.

While New Mexico cannabis packaging laws are relatively relaxed when compared to some other states, there are still rules as laid out in Title 16.8.3 NMAC that must be adhered to as a legally licensed business dispensing product. That’s why a lot of companies choose to work with a vendor knowledgeable in their market. For all your New Mexico marijuana packaging needs, choose a knowledgeable company with the best product around — HiSierra.

new mexico recreational cannabis packaging

Who is HiSierra?

HiSierra is a U.S. company dedicated to developing and manufacturing earth-friendly cannabis packaging solutions. The goal at HiSierra is to make the cannabis world a greener place by providing the highest quality products possible while enhancing eco-friendly messaging with certified safe and child-resistant bags, jars and containers.

With an LEED certified factory located in the heartland of America, HiSierra is committed to green manufacturing by using no fossil fuels and 100% renewable wind power energy to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. With so many different dispensary options from which to purchase legal recreational cannabis products these days, smart and savvy New Mexicans who care about the planet will appreciate New Mexico cannabis packaging that works toward making our world a better place.

HiSierra cannabis packaging not only protects your New Mexico marijuana by keeping it fresh and extending shelf-life, but it also provides renewable, reusable and responsible packaging for an eco-conscious message that customers will appreciate — all at a truly affordable price.

hisierra exit bags

HiSierra Exit Bags

Available in two sizes with both press-to-close or zip-to-close options, this sustainable cannabis packaging is the one and only certified child-resistant exit bag made from renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials to be manufactured in a clean and green LEED certified factory in the USA.

  • Earth friendly and kid safe.
  • Sustainable and renewable.
  • Child resistant.
  • Made in America.

HiSierra is the number one choice for your New Mexico marijuana packaging needs.

new mexico medical cannabis

HiSierra Storage Bags

Whether you’re in the business of selling New Mexico medical cannabis or New Mexico recreational cannabis, you want to package our beautiful New Mexico weed so that it maintains its appearance, aroma and potency for the longest time possible.

HiSierra pound and kilo bags are made to provide heavy-duty odor control and puncture-resistance while still using renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials. Available in super-stealth all-black or with a clear-front option for showcasing the beauty of your bud, both choices come with a reclosable zipper and eight-inch bottom gusset to make for super-easy standup filling.

new mexico medical cannabis

HiSierra Concentrate Containers

Engineered specifically for cannabis concentrates from recycled German glass and with ocean-based plastic lids, these wide-mouthed jars are as beautiful as they are functional.

Child-resistant and with a rounded design, in half-gram and one-gram sizes, these HiSierra concentrate jars keep your product fresh and your customers happy. In clear, white or glossy black, these sustainable cannabis jars show your business cares about making a positive impact on the environment.

crativ containers

Crativ Containers from HiSierra

Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, these revolutionary containers can be used for flower, pre-rolls, cigarettes, vapes, concentrates and edibles to ensure your end-user will receive their cannabis product as fresh as the day you packed it.

With a choice of either USDA certified plant-based material or in a proprietary accelerated degradation design, both are truly sustainable solutions to your New Mexico cannabis packaging needs. Designed for multi-use, these sleek and lightweight containers also provide durable and rugged protection. With a child-locking mechanism for safety as well as fresh seal technology, these ergonomic, portable and convenient containers are the answer to protecting your product and protecting the earth too.

For top-shelf child-resistant eco-friendly sustainable cannabis product packaging materials, look no further than HiSierra. In New Mexico or any of the other 50 states, no one else even comes close. Contact HiSierra for all custom questions, or shop online now for the best New Mexico cannabis packaging!