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The Only Option for Cannabis Packaging in New Jersey

Whether you are traveling from Ocean City to Newark or from Princeton to Asbury Park, HISIERRA® cannabis packaging is the best choice to keep your dispensary products fresh in New Jersey. At HISIERRA®, we pride ourselves on covering all of your needs for weed bags in New Jersey. Let us show you what makes us better than any other cannabis packaging in New Jersey.

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The Best New Jersey Weed Bags

It does not matter what kind of weed bags you have been using in New Jersey. When you first get your hands on our iconic HISIERRA® weed bags, you will never look back! HISIERRA® is an American-made brand that distinguishes itself from competitors in four different categories: sustainability and renewability; earth-friendly and kid-safe; made in America; child-resistant.

The HISIERRA® dispensary bags in New Jersey (and all over the world!) are offered in the OG Series, Pound Bag, Zipline Express and custom bags.

The OG Series bags are offered in two sizes and come with press-to-close or slide-to-close options. The bags can be purchased in either matte black or the standard carrying bag.

The Pound bag is unique in that it is a weed bag that can resist puncture and contain odors, exactly what most are looking for. This bag can stand up to fill, comes in two different sizes and even has an option for showcasing your product while you are hanging out with your friends at The Shore, with a clear bag option.

The Zipline Express bags are unique in that they are mostly utilized for your edible weed goodie bags in New Jersey. There are two options to choose from: linen or carbon fiber.

No matter which New Jersey weed bag you choose, you will not be disappointed with HISIERRA®’s high-quality products.

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Cannabis Concentrate Containers

If you are not in the market for New Jersey weed bags, maybe you are in the market for cannabis jars. Either way, HISIERRA®’s extensive product line has you covered. Created from recycled german glass and featuring 100% reclaimed ocean plastic child-resistant lids, HISIERRA®’s cannabis jars are something you need to try.

As with all of HISIERRA®’s products, we hope you keep the planet in mind when purchasing cannabis packaging in New Jersey and go with the most sustainable options at HISIERRA®. Each of our two options, the Flower Jar and the Concentrate Jar will keep your cannabis products pure and unharmed.

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Pre-Roll Cannabis Packaging in New Jersey

While we love our pre-rolls as much as the next person, we do not love how wasteful they are – especially when we see them wash up on the beaches of the coast every weekend. At HISIERRA®, we decided to provide an alternative to the single-use pre-rolls and created two far more sustainable options: compostable pre-roll tubes and Crativ containers.

We have created compostable cannabis packaging for your pre-roll tubes that are actually helpful for the earth instead of harmful. Throw these tubes in your compost bin or bury them in your backyard and enjoy the benefits just 180 short days later.

Going along with our desire to make all of our dispensary products in New Jersey child-proof, we have partnered with Crativ containers. They offer pre-roll containers that have a locking design to deter children from opening your goods. The Crativ container also can be thrown out in your recycling. However, if you accidentally throw out your container in the trash, the Crativ container is designed to decompose more quickly than other trash.

dispensary products new jersey

Controlling Your Cannabis Packaging in New Jersey

What good is it to have your dispensary containers in New Jersey contain your cannabis, if you have no way to ensure its freshness? We want to make sure that all of your cannabis needs are taken care of when you partner with HISIERRA®.

Integra Humidity packs offer two-way humidity control for all of your cannabis needs. Each humidity control pack is designed to retain the perfect amount of moisture and humidity by releasing or retaining moisture as needed. Whether you are gambling at Atlantic City or going out on the town in Trenton, make sure you have Integra Humidity packs by your side to keep your New Jersey weed bags in perfect control.

Protecting the Planet and Your Product

HISIERRA® is known for being the best American-made reusable, responsible and renewable cannabis packaging that is also certified child-resistant and sustainable. Each New Jersey dispensary product is made in the heartland and provides exceptional quality for our exceptional customers. We pride ourselves on being the only cannabis company that is making a positive impact on the planet and we can’t wait for you to join us!