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Montana Cannabis Packaging

When Montana legalized cannabis this year, it opened some amazing opportunities for Montana cannabis cultivators and producers. Now that you can sell your products in “green counties” like Flathead, Madison and Rosebud, you need the perfect Montana cannabis packaging. Enter HiSierra. We make renewable, reusable and responsible certified-sustainable child-proof cannabis packaging for Montana cultivators and producers.

Montana Cannabis Packaging You Can Trust

You want cannabis or concentrate packaging that looks great and is easy to fill, seal and open — and that also complies with Montana’s cannabis packaging regulations. Montana rules are still being established, but you can still be prepared.

Contact an expert in the cannabis packaging industry. We’ve been in the packaging business for years and our products meet cannabis legal and safety standards across the country. And we’ve got your Montana cannabis packaging needs covered.

cannabis packaging for montana cultivators

2. Cannabis Product Containers

We’ve got the best cannabis packaging for Montana cultivators and producers of all kinds. That means we have the perfect jar for your bud or your distillates to keep them safe and fresh.

Flower Jars:

These child-resistant wide-mouth glass jars are made with recycled glass and feature ocean-based plastic lids made right here in America.

Concentrate Containers:

We designed a glass container especially for cannabis concentrates. It has a rounded, easy-to-open base and an ocean-based plastic lid.
cannabis packaging montana

3. Humidity Control

You make great cannabis products, and we can help keep them tasty and fresh as intended. Get your humidity under control with Integra Boost, our patented two-way cannabis humidity control pack. Choose from either 55% or 62% relative humidity packs, which come individually wrapped with a humidity indicator card. You’ll never forget to replace your humidity packs again!

We Care About the Environment Too

We get it. With all the rules around packaging and transporting your products, it can create a lot of waste. Most of it is plastic, and that’s not ideal for our planet. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make a difference. We want to keep those Rocky Mountains and Great Plains wild, natural and beautiful.

We’re proud that we don’t use fossil fuels in our factory, and that our bags are made with 100% renewable wind power energy and plant-based raw materials (sugar cane) in our green LEED certified factory. When you choose HiSierra for cannabis packaging for Montana cultivators, producers and dispensaries, you’re helping to make a positive impact on the environment right where you live.

Get Your Montana Cannabis Packaging from HiSierra

As Montana cannabis packaging laws take shape, you can trust HiSierra to always provide the best solutions. Our products are environmentally friendly, easy to use, meet child-safety standards and comply with cannabis packaging regulations across the country.

So while you might not be able to smoke weed in Glacier or Yellowstone yet, you can certainly take your cannabis products for a scenic (and legal) drive through them — provided they’re in our sealed exit bags, of course! Learn more about our products.

These Montana Exclusive exit bags are compliant to regulations of Montana, so labels are not required.

HiSierra® exit bags are American made, eco friendly, and certified CR cannabis dispensary exit packaging made with renewable & sustainable plant based raw materials. Press to Close Child Resistant Closure

Contact [email protected] for artwork for state approval.

These landfill biodegradable exit bags are tested and certified with the following certifications:

ASTM D5511

  • PET w/additive 55.9% Biodegradation In 1605 days
  • PP w/additive 10.1% Biodegradation In 256 days
  • PE w/additive 59% Biodegradation In 391 days

ASTM D5526

  • PET w/additive 30.3% Biodegradation In 390 days
  • PP w/additive 53.9% Biodegradation In 391 days
  • PE w/additive 47.9% Biodegradation In 391 days
OG cannabis packaging

Montana Exclusive Biodegradable Exit Packaging—CR Press to close 9x6x2 – White

$320.00 or subscribe and save 10%
weekender cannabis packaging

Montana Exclusive Biodegradable Exit Packaging —CR Press to close 12x9x4- White

$370.00 or subscribe and save 10%