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Source biodegradable cannabis packaging in Montana

Montana is a place of amazing landscapes, crisp air and natural wonders which are fiercely protected by its natives. Case in point: the Treasure State has eight National Park Service units, one national monument, 10 national forests, 15 wilderness areas, six national historic trails, two national historic sites and one national recreation area. Immersion into this kind of pristine beauty is often an inspiration to preserve the environment in ways both big and small. One avenue to further this goal is through the Montana cannabis industry, which is projected to surpass $300 million in sales for its inaugural year of legalized recreational products.

Understanding Montana Cannabis Regulations

Foremost, new Montana cannabis laws are generally under perpetual review. House Bill 948, which was House and Senate-passed, then signed into law by Governor Gianforte on May 22, outlaws the manufacture and distribution of synthetic products such as Delta-8 THC and HHC in the Montana cannabis industry. Although federally legal due to their origination from legal CBD found in hemp plants, this immediately-in-effect law means no Montana business may manufacture, process or sell synthetic cannabis products. Reviews will be conducted by the Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council. If a business is determined to be involved in the manufacture or distribution of synthetic products, the investigating agency may assess a penalty of no more than $1,000 per day for each day a cease-and-desist order issued under this section is violated.

On a more local level, Montana biodegradable cannabis packaging is in use by dispensaries across the state. This is in addition to their strict adherence to rules regarding packaging and labeling, including unobstructed and conspicuous information and labels printed in a legible font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica at a size large enough for the lowercase “o” to be one-sixteenth of an inch. Further, exit packaging must comply with federal child-resistant packaging standards and be pre-approved before use.

Montana Cannabis Industry Trends

Research shows sustainability is important to consumers. An example outside of Montana cannabis regulations can be found from Tyson Foods, who reported consumers are willing to pay at least 24% more for environmentally friendly, sustainable options in retail. Tyson also found sustainably marketed products grow 2.7x faster in their categories than non-sustainable products. Their belief in this data has led to the new Brazen Beef Program, a USDA-certified program to lower greenhouse emissions in cattle by 10%. Other major corporations following this movement are Unilever, Patagonia and Nestle, who are all pursuing sustainable packaging initiatives. This type of visual commitment to green practices can be a substantial boost to a brand’s image.

Consumer preference for sustainability, coupled with the benefits of Montana-specific biodegradable packaging, leads businesses to ponder what is the best way to source biodegradable packaging in Big Sky Country. HiSierra carefully curates and produces excellent Montana-exclusive biodegradable exit packaging. Available in two sizes, these bags are compliant with state cannabis regulations and begin to biodegrade within 256 days. Further, the bags are American-made, eco-friendly and certified child-resistant. HiSierra’s representative for Montana and the surrounding area is Tori VonDeck. Email her with any question at [email protected] or call 585-808-2871.

Comparing Montana Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging with International Sustainability Efforts

Curious how the rest of the world is handling plastic packaging concerns? In November 2022, the European Commission proposed new rules on packaging to tackle waste and frustration. This proposal has three main objectives:

  • Reduce packaging waste by 15% by 2040
  • Boost high-quality recycling
  • Reduce the need for primary natural resources and create a well-functioning market for secondary raw materials

Also in 2022, Australia, India, Kenya, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (ANZPAC) region and Poland published Plastic Pact roadmaps, which outlined work toward a circular economy for plastic. Ireland enacted its landmark Circular Economy Act, which includes levies on all single-use packaging and Israel has a number of projects focused on the circular economy as well as closing the loop for recyclable materials.

Being from Montana is not the only way to appreciate a business devoted to the environment. HiSierra employs green manufacturing by eliminating fossil fuels from powering our product factories. Instead, HISIERRA® OG bags are made with 100% renewable wind power energy in our LEED-certified factory located in the heartland of America. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint. Additionally, this Earth-friendly dispensary packaging is made with renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials. The very important cherry on top? All bags are certified child-resistant, having been tested and certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conforming to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance everywhere. Save time and money while remaining fully in compliance with all biodegradable cannabis packaging laws by choosing HiSierra Montana biodegradable cannabis packaging. Order biodegradable packaging made specifically to comply with Montana regulations!

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