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Heard of Humidity Control Packs? Here’s How They Protect Products

In its natural habitat, humidity normally gets a bad connotation. However, humidity can sometimes be a good thing! While humidity in the air during hot summer months can be a huge pain, humidity in the container for your cannabis products may actually be beneficial — if it’s maintained at the correct level! If you are not sure if this is accurate or not, read on.

Humidity and Moisture Control Packs

As the cannabis industry explodes in popularity, so too do the cannabis industry accessories. One of the hottest on the market? Humidity control packs. Sometimes these are also referred to as moisture control packs, but they are essentially the same product. As a cultivator or dispensary that regularly works with cannabis, you know it is critical to ensure it is stored properly. If not, your product can dry out and lose not only its potency but its flavor as well. No one wants that. Humidity control packs are used to combat this. Their main job is — you guessed it! — to control the humidity in a sealed container to keep your cannabis in an ideal atmosphere. 

Think of a beef jerky bag for a second. Remember those little white packs that said: “DO NOT EAT”? Those little packs are humidity or moisture control packs to keep the beef jerky fresh and hold the juicy flavoring until you are ready to devour it. It’s the same concept here for cannabis humidity control packs. While you may not necessarily be eating your cannabis, you do need it to be kept fresh and flavorful until it is ready for consumption.

If your dispensary has cannabis flying off the shelves and you don’t think that humidity control packs are for you — think again. According to a study, even minuscule changes in local temperatures around terpenes can cause drastic changes in the plant itself. Terpenes are actually incredibly sensitive to outside influences such as light, temperature and even oxygen. Having a moisture control pack in place to keep the environment perfect for your cannabis is essential to ensure the potency and quality of your cannabis. Learn more about adding moisture control to your packaging.

Integra Boost Packs

Now that you are aware of the massive difference moisture control packs can have on your cannabis collection, let’s look at the best options on the market. 

Humidity or moisture control packs have been around for as long as dried food has needed to be kept fresh. However, not every moisture control pack is equipped well enough to be used for cannabis storage. There is really only one choice that we stand behind: the Integra Boost Packs. 

These humidity control packs are like nothing else on the market today. Integra Boost packs offer not one-, but two-way humidity control and protection. These humidity packs are so advanced that they are able to either absorb or release moisture as needed to control the environment for whatever cannabis is in the container. The packs do this to control the relative humidity and create just the right amount of moisture to allow your cannabis to thrive. 

Depending on your moisture or humidity control needs, Integra has multiple options for your container. They offer humidity-controlled bags, moisture-controlled containers and humidity control packs. Regardless of the size or strain of your cannabis, Integra Boost Packs will be able to keep your cannabis fresher than you ever thought possible. 

The HISIERRA® Difference

As the advantages of humidity or moisture control packs become more well known in the near future, be sure you are aware of the HISIERRA® difference. We are not just another cannabis packaging company. 

We pride ourselves on using renewable, reusable and responsible cannabis packaging. Each product we produce is child-resistant and American-made. We offer our customers nothing but the absolute best, top-shelf quality in all that we do. 

Within our LEED-certified packaging and manufacturing plants located in America’s heartland, we strive to use green practices wherever possible. For instance, in our manufacturing plant, we do not use any fossil fuels. Our bags are even manufactured with 100% renewable wind-powered energy. Not only are we proud of our green manufacturing, but our green materials as well. 

Finally, the HISIERRA® difference relates to our child-resistant bags. Every single one of our exit bags are tested, pass and are certified for the Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance everywhere. 

Contact us today to learn more about our mission and how we can provide you with the best cannabis product packing and humidity control packs on the market. 

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