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Massachusetts Cannabis Packaging

Is weed legal in Massachusetts? Yep. One of the geographically smaller states, Massachusetts is the third most densely populated state in all of New England. It’s home to more than seven million residents. Massachusetts is also one of the most developed, wealthiest and educated states, even being ranked as the best state in the entire US in 2017.

Massachusetts Cannabis Laws

Massachusetts was a fairly early entrant to the modern cannabis landscape. Massachusetts cannabis laws were changed to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2008, voters approved the use of medical marijuana in 2012 and the Old Bay State became the ninth state to legalize it for recreational usage in 2016. Current Massachusetts cannabis laws allow the purchase and use of Massachusetts recreational weed by adults over 21. Purchasers do not need to be Massachusetts residents. As long as you have a government-issued ID, you may have up to one ounce of Massachusetts cannabis flower outside your home and up to five grams of any concentrate. Just be aware, though, that using Massachusetts weed in public, which includes parks and sidewalks, is still prohibited — as is smoking while driving.

Home to the Boston Freedom Rally, and with a 2010 survey showing that 10% of state residents over the age of 21 had used Massachusetts cannabis within the previous month and 16% within the previous year, there is no denying that Massachusettsans love their cannabis, or as some Bostonians call it, their “Bob Hope. Whatever term you use for your Massachusetts weed, the stigma around it is disappearing — proven by the fact that in August 2022, Gov. Charlie Baker enacted reforms into law that not only created more equity within the cannabis industry, but also set the groundwork for the opening in the near future of legalized cannabis cafes. These new changes created even more opportunity for Massachusetts cannabis cultivators and producers. But to make the most of those opportunities, it is important that you adhere to the regulations regarding Massachusetts cannabis packaging. While legalese may be confusing to some, there is a simple way to ensure that your Massachusetts weed is not only packaged legally, but in a way that promotes the betterment of our planet — and that is to turn to HISIERRA for all your Massachusetts cannabis packaging needs.

hisierra crativ container

Massachusetts Cannabis Packaging

HiSierra provides top-shelf, child-resistant, eco-friendly, sustainable cannabis packaging materials that have been tested and certified for child safety and cannabis compliance everywhere, including Massachusetts. HiSierra products are made with green materials and green manufacturing processes to make the cannabis world a greener place. We’re here to help you enhance your brand’s eco-friendly message. HiSierra wholesale legal cannabis packaging supplies include exit bags, concentrate jars and more. Keep reading!

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HiSierra Exit Bags

From the Jam Session to the Weekender, in zip-to-close or press-to-close options, these child-resistant exit bags are made from renewable and sustainable raw materials in a clean and green wind-powered, LEED-certified factory located in America’s heartland. These bags are innovative in their design, sustainable and incredibly easy to use. Placing your product within a HiSierra bag not only thoroughly protects it, but also shows customers that you care about our planet and its future.

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HiSierra Storage Bags

These heavy-duty, odor-controlled and puncture-resistant bags from HiSierra come in both pound and kilo sizes, with either a clear front for showcasing the product or a super-stealth opaque black option. With tamper-evident closures and eight-inch bottom gussets making them easy to stand up for convenient filling, these cannabis storage bags are certified compliant, American-made, renewable and sustainable packaging that you can feel good about choosing, as using them is a way to protect our planet while protecting the product inside.

massachusetts cannabis laws

HiSierra Custom Bags

When you really want to make a name for yourself, you can combine the quality of HiSierra renewable, responsible and reusable packaging with your personal branding for a message that is loud and clear. Add some flair to your product while showing your commitment to the environment with custom-designed bags that adhere to all Massachusetts cannabis packaging requirements, printed to your specifications with low minimums and no plates.

massachusetts cannabis packaging

HiSierra Concentrate Jars

As beautiful as they are functional, these specially designed HiSierra containers for cannabis concentrate are manufactured from recycled glass with ocean-based plastic lids. They’re designed with wide mouths and a rounded design to keep products fresh and customers happy. In clear, white or glossy black, these hold 0.5 to one gram. Lead the way in making a positive impact on the environment by choosing this truly sustainable packaging option.

massachusetts recreational weed

HiSierra Crativ Containers

With a wide variety of size options, these earth-friendly and child-resistant containers offer a truly sustainable option for your flower, pre-rolls, concentrate or edibles needs. Made from USDA-certified plant-based material or with proprietary accelerated degradation technology, these durable yet lightweight food-grade containers maintain their contents’ freshness while offering rugged protection. With ergonomic design and child-locking mechanisms, HiSierra offers you an incomparable product manufactured in a way you can feel good about.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging

HiSierra uses our 100% renewable wind power factory in the heartland of America and our renewable, sustainable manufacturing materials to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and provide innovative, eco-friendly, certified child-resistant cannabis dispensary packaging that we all can feel good about. As long as there are Massachusetts cannabis laws that allow for the use of Massachusetts recreational weed, you never again have to ask yourself “Is weed legal in Massachusetts?” And you never have to wonder about the most economical, environmentally friendly way to package and market it. From Eastie to Bury to Wormtown to Hoop City — HiSierra has you covered.