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5 Ways Sustainable Packaging Can Make Your Brand Greener

If you’ve been paying attention to news reports or the scientific community within the last 30 years, you’re well aware that climate change is endangering the planet and all of its inhabitants… you know, us. If companies, consumers and our governments don’t take climate change seriously, we can all say goodbye to everything we’ve ever loved. Grim, right? So, let’s talk about one simple way brands can make a difference – with green sustainable packaging. Here are 5 benefits of focusing on sustainability with purpose-driven cannabis packaging and how it translates to being a greener brand. 

Benefits of sustainability 

  1. Reduce waste and pollution
  2. Contribute to the green movement
  3. Add purpose to your brand
  4. Attract employees, investors and customers
  5. Improve brand image and competitive advantage

Reduce waste and pollution

One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing sustainable packaging is the reduction of waste and pollution in the environment. Product packaging that utilizes reclaimed ocean plastic waste helps to remove existing waste from the environment, benefits wildlife and avoids the production of new plastics.   

In addition to reclaimed and recycled plastics, another sustainable option is bioplastic. Bioplastics are made from plant sources instead of coal, natural gas or crude oil, which reduces the amount of this environment-polluting and non-renewable source. The demand for bioplastics will continue to increase because of its renewability. It’s an ideal option because of the availability of raw material in addition to its versatile functionality and recyclability.

Contribute to the green movement

More than just green sustainable packaging, the green movement inspires efforts to reduce the carbon footprint created in every step of the manufacturing process. By taking part in the green movement, it influences and encourages choices to find environmental solutions throughout the supply chain and everywhere in-between. Solutions, like utilizing renewable wind-powered energy, working with factories that are LEED-certified and avoiding the use of fossil fuels all contribute to a green new way of doing business. By prioritizing the earth, businesses can reduce the negative impact their manufacturing practices have on the environment, oftentimes reducing overhead costs and contributing to a better future for everyone. 

Add purpose to your brand

Some businesses have no purpose. They make and sell things and don’t contribute much to the planet — instead, they use precious resources to make their executives and shareholders a quick buck. By making sustainability a major focus of your business, you give your business purpose – a reason to exist. Purpose-driven cannabis packaging is a simple, no-brainer way to give back to the planet while protecting the quality of the product at the same time.

Attract employees, investors and customers

Millennials are accused of ruining many things…many, many things. But one thing we can’t complain about is their highly publicized stance against working for valueless, soul-sucking companies just to get a paycheck. Long gone are the days of mindless work at any cost. Employees want to work for a company that has moral fiber, that cares about the environment and that acts on their values. If a company doesn’t care about something as precious and finite as the environment, what are the chances they care about humans in general or the employees that work for them? Employees, investors and customers all have a vested interest in working with businesses that put the environment first. Times are changing and there’s no looking back. 

Improve brand image and competitive advantage

Giving back is extremely important to consumers. In fact 94% of respondents from a survey that involved 10,000 consumers from 10 countries said they think businesses should do more than make money – they should give back. That message is loud and clear. This same survey revealed the way in which consumers want to see businesses give back the most. Surprisingly, employee and company monetary donations come in last at 5% and 7% respectively.  Coming in as the top way (34%) with customers is changing the way businesses operate.  

By including sustainable initiatives in your company’s values, mission statement, branding or marketing efforts, it showcases to customers that your brand values giving back — providing a competitive advantage and improving the brand image. 

When it comes down to it, making the switch to clean manufactured, sustainable plant-based or reclaimed packaging is a step toward fighting climate change, reducing waste and gives consumers and investors a reason to back your brand. To learn more about how your brand can make the switch to green sustainable purpose-driven cannabis packaging, get in touch

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