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Maine Cannabis Packaging

Maine’s official nickname is “The Pine Tree State” but pine isn’t the only greenery that us Down Easters love. Yup. we’re talking about pot. And not the portable traps fishermen use to catch lobsters — but cannabis. While Maine followed the nationwide trend of restricting marijuana in the early part of the 20th century and banned the drug entirely in 1913, they turned it around and became one of the first states to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis in 1976 and legalized Maine medical cannabis use in November of 1999. Just a few years later on Nov. 8, 2016, voters approved the legalization of Maine weed for recreational use — but only by a slim margin of less than 1 percent — which led to a recount, and further frustrating delays, until finally Maine cannabis regulations became favorable Oct. 9, 2020 when Maine adult-use cannabis sales weed began.

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The Business of Maine Marijuana

And, Ayuh, did those sales ever take off! In 2020, Maine medical cannabis sales were estimated at more than $266 million, leading the Portland Press Herald to declare that marijuana had grown to become Maine’s most valuable crop, surpassing even blueberries and potatoes.

And in its first year of legalized sales, Maine recreational cannabis generated $58.5 million in sales revenue and $8.8 million in tax revenue. And the Maine marijuana business just kept growing. While that initial month of Maine recreational cannabis sales in October 2020 brought in more than $1 million, September 2021 saw sales for that month alone jump to more than $10 million.

maine recreational cannabis, maine medical cannabis

Maine Cannabis Regulations

No doubt about it — Maine marijuana is big business. And if you want so much as a scrid of it, you have to know the Maine cannabis regulations. Maine medical cannabis can only be sold to individuals who have received a patient certification from a medical professional, and it can only be accessed from a caregiver or dispensary licensed for medical marijuana. As far as Maine recreational cannabis goes, in order to use or possess it, you have to be 21 or older. That’s it.

While Maine is home to both a medical cannabis program and an adult-use industry, Maine cannabis regulations state the two different types may not be dispensed from the same facility. Adults can possess up to 2.5 ounces total —- this can be of cannabis, cannabis concentrate, or any other cannabis product in combination, but no more than 5 grams of concentrate. It may only be consumed on private property and not in any public places including the roads and sidewalks. No operating a vehicle while high, no smoking in the car — this goes for both the driver and passengers.

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Maine Cannabis Packaging

As far as Maine cannabis packaging goes, the dos and don’ts are very clear. Maine cannabis packaging must be:

  • child-resistant
  • opaque
  • tamper-evident

Maine cannabis packaging may not:

  • have any labeling that depicts a human, animal, or fruit.
  • have anything that obscures the label or is misleading.
  • have anything in violation of trademark law.
  • have any elements that make it look like it may be a federally trademarked product.
  • have an appearance that appeals to those under 21 years of age.

If you have a “wicked pissah” of a cannabis product, and you want to sell it anywhere from Portland to Bangor to Lewsiton to Auburn, following those regulations is just the bare minimum required. With so much competition, Maine cannabis consumers have lots to choose from. And the smart Mainers, the green Mainers, want more than just the basics — they want packaging that truly does no harm. Packaging that not only doesn’t hurt the planet but can actually help it. They want life the way it should be. And that, my Chummy, is where HISIERRA comes in.

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HISIERRA Packaging for your Cannabis Product

HISIERRA is American-made renewable, reusable, and responsible packaging for your cannabis product. HISIERRA is the top-shelf child-resistant eco-friendly answer on how to make the cannabis world a greener place. The innovative products from HISIERRA reduce the carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable plant-based raw materials manufactured using no fossil fuels in a clean and green LEED certified wind-powered factory.

HISIERRA offers the finest kind of packaging options including Maine weed bags and cannabis containers. HISIERRA offers:

  • Exit Bags – With press-to-close or slide-to-close options, these incorporate full-width openings making them easy to fill and a cinch to seal.
  • Pound Bags – Puncture-resistant and with heavy-duty odor protection, these are easy to stand and fill, thanks to an 8-inch wide bottom gusset.
  • Custom Bags – Made to your specifications with low minimums and no plates, these custom-designed beauties provide the ultimate in protection with maximum flair.
  • Concentrate Containers – With a rounded base and a protruding bottom, these easy to open and easy to hold containers keep your product fresh and your customers smiling.
  • Flower Jars – You can make a positive impact on the planet with these child-resistant wide-mouthed jars made from recycled glass with ocean-based plastic lids.
  • Pre-roll Tubes – These fully compliant pre-roll tubes are made from food-safe FDA-certified BPA-materials that you can throw into the compost bin or bury in the ground for benefits you can enjoy just 180 days later.
  • Crativ Pre-Roll Containers – These sleek, durable, lightweight and versatile containers are the storage solution for multiple pre-rolls. Maintaining freshness while providing portable convenience, these are more than just recyclable — they are biodegradable with food-grade additives that work to accelerate degradation.

You’ve got choices — and so do your customers, Bub. Be a humdinger and don’t be a dink. You’ve worked so hard to cultivate the finest flower, why spoil it now by wrapping it in culch? For a more than reasonable price, you can get Maine cannabis packaging that keeps your product the freshest it can be while sending a message that you care just as much for this planet as you do your bottom line. The choice is obvious. For earth-friendly, kid-safe quality packaging, nothing else even comes close to HISIERRA.