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Cannabis Packaging Solution in Indiana

If you are on the lookout for cannabis packaging or dispensary supplies in Indiana, you have come to the right place. HISIERRA® prides itself on offering a ton of different products, having each product compliant with all of the state laws and regulations, environmentally friendly and using packaging that is certified child-resistant. Check out the highest quality Cannabis packaging in Indiana.

No matter where you are in the Hoosier state, HISIERRA® cannabis packaging and dispensary supplies in Indiana have exactly what you need. Help us achieve our goal of making the cannabis world a greener place by utilizing our eco-friendly and certified safe child-resistant packaging.


HISIERRA® offers many different types of cannabis packaging, as well as dispensary supplies, for all of your needs. Some of our favorites include jars, bags and pre-rolls. Whether you are out for a day at the Dunes or driving through the Hoosier National Forest, we have the proper eco-friendly and child-resistant packaging you need.

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HISIERRA® offers two different types of jars to hold your cannabis dispensary supplies in Indiana. The first type is a Concentrate Jar and the second is a Flower Jar. Each jar is made of recycled German glass. Going along with HISIERRA®’s desire to make the world a more eco-friendly place, the lids of the jars are created using only plastics recovered from our oceans.

The Flower Jar is obviously the best cannabis packaging option in Indiana for your flower products, while the Concentrate Jar is essential for holding your concentrated cannabis products and dispensary supplies.

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If jars are not what you are looking for to contain your cannabis dispensary supplies in Indiana, HISIERRA® offers a plethora of bags for your cannabis packaging needs in Indiana. Each bag is proudly produced in a 100% renewable wind power energy, LEED-certified and fossil fuel free factory found right in the Heartland of America – right next to Indiana. Similar to the jars, each bag is made of renewable materials and is child-resistant, following Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20.

The Exit Bag and Pound Bags available for your cannabis packaging in Indiana are created in two different sizes for your individualized needs. They also come in two different closure options, press to seal and slide to seal, to ensure your dispensary supplies are kept in the best conditions. The Pound bag is obviously on the larger end and perfect for your next vacation on Lake Monroe, with optional clear packaging to show off the goods. Regardless of the type of bag you select for your cannabis packaging in Indiana, you can rest assured it will be puncture and smell proof.

If you are looking for something more customizable for your cannabis dispensary supplies in Indiana, HISIERRA® would love to accommodate you! From pre-made bags for your edibles to creating customized designs on bags, we have your desired cannabis packaging in Indiana needs to be covered.

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Pre-Roll Options

Being the connoisseurs of cannabis that we are, HISIERRA® knew we needed to create a better eco-friendly option for pre-rolls. We created two incredible products for your cannabis pre-roll packaging needs in Indiana: Crativ containers and compostable pre-roll tubes.

The Crativ containers is another American-made company that has created eco-friendly containers for your pre-roll that can be thrown out in your recycling! However, in the event that a container finds its way to the trash, it will break down in no time! Finally, to go along with HISIERRA®’s desire to keep their goods child-resistant, the container has a special locking design proven to deter even the most curious of children.

Talk about being eco-friendly, HISIERRA®’s cannabis packaging for pre-roll tubes can be buried in your backyard and compostable in 180 days. No longer will you need to feel bad for using one and done tubes for your pre-roll.

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Humidity Control for Dispensary Supplies in Indiana

You can not have cannabis packaging or dispensary supplies in Indiana without talking about the crazy humidity. Regardless of the time of year, the humidity in Indiana is impossible to deal with. That is why HISIERRA® has teamed up with Integra to offer humidity control packs. Each pack is designed to keep your cannabis packaging at the perfect humidity levels by releasing or absorbing moisture and humidity for the ideal conditions.

Not Just Cannabis Packaging in Indiana

Being an eco-friendly and child-resistant company is of utmost importance to us and we appreciate you learning more about how to positively impact the cannabis world, too! At HISIERRA® we pride ourselves on not only making the best cannabis packaging and dispensary supplies in Indiana – and the world – but in also making a difference in that world, too.