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Illinois Cannabis Packaging

As the 11th state in the United States to legalize cannabis for recreational use, we’ll be darned if Illinois hasn’t made cannabis an incredibly flourishing business. The sale of cannabis in Illinois reached a record high of $1.5 billion in 2022, with adults spending almost $144 million on cannabis products during the month of December alone. It’s important to note that those figures only reflect recreational cannabis sales. In 2022, Illinois adults also bought approximately $353 million worth of medical cannabis, which has been legal since 2013. Currently, Illinois has more than 172,000 qualifying medical cannabis patients.

During his State of the State and Budget address, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker proclaimed that the state’s marijuana legalization law has resulted in the creation of more than 30,000 jobs since the market launched in 2020 and that “Illinois is home to the country’s most diverse cannabis industry and some of the largest companies.” This means it’s no exaggeration to say that the Illinois cannabis marketplace is one of the most lucrative to invest in.

Pursuant to state law, both Illinois residents and non-residents aged 21 and older can legally possess, consume and purchase cannabis within The Prairie State from licensed dispensaries between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Illinois cannabis packaging is regulated, as is cannabis product labeling, so when it comes to placing product in Illinois cannabis jars, biodegradable bags or exit bags, there are clear rules that need to be followed.

If you are a cannabis business owner in Illinois, you have enough to think about. Make compliant packaging a breeze by partnering with HiSierra, the No. 1 cannabis packaging company in Illinois. Our options aren’t just affordable — they’re earth-friendly as well.

Who is HiSierra?

Dedicated to providing earth-friendly, child-proof cannabis product packaging, HiSierra is located right in the heartland of America. We use a clean and green wind-powered LEED-certified factory to create options for businesses who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and send a clear message that they care about our planet. HiSierra is on a mission to make the cannabis world a greener place, and we do this by using a reduced-waste stream and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture innovative bags using renewably farmed non-GMO sugarcane. For businesses and brands looking to enhance their eco-friendly message with top-shelf certified and sustainable packaging, nothing else even comes close to the offerings from HiSierra.

With all of the hard work and dedication it takes to manufacture your cannabis product, you want to keep it as fresh on the day it is opened as it was the day you put it inside your Illinois cannabis packaging bags and jars. You need cannabis containment options that not only can protect the product from any and all external elements, but also can be trusted to be reliable, reusable and recyclable. When you want all that at an affordable price, turn to HiSierra.

HiSierra has an extensive and varied product line that includes:

illinois cannabis exit bags

HiSierra Exit Bags

The one and only choice in certified child-resistant exit bags made from plant-based raw materials manufactured in an LEED-certified factory located in the American heartland, these Illinois cannabis bags are truly the best around. With two different sizes to choose from, in both press-to-close and zip-to-close options, these bags are available in multiple colors and send a clear message that you care about both the environment and the quality of the product you are supplying.
illinois cannabis bags, illinois biodegradable cannabis bags

HiSierra Custom Bags

When you want to highlight and feature your logo right on your packaging, go custom. Choose these eco-friendly, American-made child-resistant cannabis bags for the ultimate in branding. With low minimums and no plates, you can choose from 4x6x2, 9x6x2 and 12x9x4 sizes. And for even more of an eco-message, check out the latest addition to our line: the newly tested and certified Illinois biodegradable cannabis bags from HiSierra. Contact HiSierra for a custom quote today.
california cannabis exit bag requirements

HiSierra Storage Bags

These sustainably manufactured bags from HiSierra are made from plant-based materials and come in both pound and kilo sizes. With extreme puncture resistance and heavy-duty odor protection, these premium bags are incredibly easy to stand and fill, as they feature large, eight-inch bottom gussets. Tamper-evident and heat-seal compatible, these Illinois cannabis bags are the ultimate way to transport and showcase your product.
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HiSierra Crativ Containers

Perfect for housing anything from flower to vape to concentrates to edibles, this versatile and sustainable Illinois cannabis packaging is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to highlight and protect whatever you put in it. Rugged and portable while also being sleek and lightweight, all CRATIV containers have child-locking mechanisms to keep little hands out while still being easy for adults to open. When it comes to materials, we’ve got two to choose from: a USDA plant-based material or a proprietary accelerated degradation option.
illinois cannabis jars

HiSierra Cannabis Jars

HiSierra offers the ultimate in style and protection with Illinois cannabis jars manufactured from recycled German glass with ocean-based plastic lids. Both rugged and beautiful, these jars are engineered with rounded bottoms for easy gripping and wide mouths for easy access. Manufactured in the USA and available in black, white and clear, this is Illinois cannabis packaging at its finest, offering a sustainable option to show that you care about our planet’s future.

Whether you are looking for Illinois biodegradable cannabis bags, showcase bags or concentrate jars, HiSierra is the name to turn to when you want Illinois cannabis packaging that benefits your brand, your consumers and our planet. Never worry about compliance again when you partner with HiSierra.

Explore wholesale legal marijuana packaging supplies from the premier cannabis packaging company in Illinois. We’re dedicated to providing top-shelf child-resistant products with an eco-friendly message. HiSierra: Earth Friendly. Kid safe. For product details or custom quotes, visit the HiSierra website today.