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How to Use Integra Boost Packs

At HiSierra, we’re all about storing your cannabis properly so you can ensure it’s as fresh and tasty as the day you bought it. But storing cannabis isn’t only about its packaging, it’s also about the environment in which it’s stored. Too much humidity may cause mold to grow, while too little can dry out your flower and degrade its cannabinoids and trichomes. We’ve partnered with Integra Boost so anyone storing their bud can maintain a balanced humidity point for optimal storage. Curious how to use Integra Boost humidity packs? Let’s go!

How does humidity impact cannabis storage?

One of the most important factors to consider when storing your cannabis is relative humidity, which is the humidity of the product while it’s stored in an airtight container. If there’s too much moisture, it increases the risk of mold or mildew. If there’s too little moisture, it will dry out the cannabis, making it brittle, harsh tasting and less effective because its natural oils and plant compounds are slowly degrading.

To create the best possible environment for your cannabis, monitoring the ambient humidity, or the humidity outside of your cannabis container, as well as maintaining an ideal relative humidity is necessary. This may sound complicated, but it’s not. Especially when you have Integra Boost Packs.

What is an Integra Boost Pack?

We know that curing cannabis for consumption takes time. Every time you open your airtight container, flower can lose moisture. Without a way to monitor or adjust humidity in your containers, it will dry out.

By using cannabis humidity packs in your cannabis containers, you can replace any lost moisture both in the air and within the product. Integra Boost believes in humidity harmony, and their packs allow you to control the humidity inside and outside of your container by releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain relative humidity in a contained environment. Integra Boost humidity packs are available based on the weight you’re storing or the relative humidity level you’re trying to maintain.

The best thing about Integra’s 2-way humidity control packs is that they don’t just get the environment to an ideal humidity level and then stop working — they continue working to keep the humidity at the desired level. Every time there’s even a slight change in humidity levels, the Boost pack will either release or absorb moisture as needed to maintain a consistent environment — ensuring your flower is never too dry or too moist to enjoy. Next let’s talk about how to use Boost humidity packs.

How to Use Integra Boost Humidity Packs?

Using Integra Boost is simple. Toss your cannabis and the appropriately-sized Boost pack into an enclosed container. Integra’s products are salt-free, spill-resistant and FDA-approved so you can place them in direct contact with cannabis and not worry about contamination. Boost packs will immediately start to balance the moisture levels in the container to achieve the desired humidity level. 

After a while, your Boost pack’s Humidity Indicator Card will turn blue, alerting you to when it’s time to replace the pack.

Integra makes Boost packs for small personal stashes of 2 grams or large cultivator-sized storage bags of up to 6 pounds. There’s no hassle involved in using Integra Boost Packs, which is why we think they’re such a great product to add to your personal or business storage practices.

Integra Boost How to Use

At HiSierra, we’re in the business of providing sustainable cannabis packaging, and we advocate for earth-friendly manufacturing practices. Our high-quality packaging is made of eco-friendly materials like glass and recycled ocean plastics. We understand that storing cannabis is a serious business — keeping humidity levels balanced is important to ensure your cannabis stays fresh, flavorful and potent.

Every time you open your cannabis packaging, you risk altering its humidity levels. By using Integra Boost Packs, you can toss your pack of choice into your cannabis container without worrying about your cannabis degrading. It’s a simple solution to a challenging issue.

Now that we have answered the burning questions about how to use Integra Boost humidity packs, are you ready to give them a try? Appreciate fresh cannabis every time you open your container with the help of Integra Boost packs.

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