Globally Responsible Made in the USA
child resistant packaging

What’s the hype?

American made HISIERRA® brand sustainable cannabis packaging is the only certified child resistant exit bag made from renewable and sustainable plant based (sugarcane) raw materials and manufactured in a clean and green renewable energy, wind powered LEED™ certified factory located in the heartland of America.

Briefly there are 4 things that set HISIERRA® apart from any other exit bag:

Earth Friendly & Kid Safe

HISIERRA® proprietary earth friendly plant based raw materials

child resistant packaging

Sustainable & Renewable

Clean and green renewable energy (wind power) HISIERRA® LEED certified factory

child resistant packaging

Child Resistant

Verifiable 3rd party CR certification by an American 3rd party organization

Made in America

HISIERRA® bags are proudly made in the heartland of America

Our most sustainable exit bags are made in our LEED® Silver certified manufacturing facility
Available in 2 styles & 2 sizes

child resistant packaging

Proudly made in the USA

Hisierra® is dedicated to providing Earth Friendly & Kid Safe Sustainable Renewable Cannabis Packaging Made in America

100% wind generated electrical power
Sustainably and renewably farmed non GMO sugarcane
Up to 95% ink waste reduction
State of the art equipment
Reduced waste stream
Energy and water conservation

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