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4 Popular Cannabis Packaging Types

The legal cannabis industry operates under a plethora of regulations that vary from state to state. The regulatory microscope through which the industry is viewed means that cannabis manufacturers, distributors and retailers must ensure that all cannabis products are properly sealed and packaged for transport and sale. In addition to compliance, the way in which cannabis is packaged greatly impacts its quality. Improper storage of cannabis can lead to degradation of vital cannabinoids and terpenes or excess moisture and mold growth. Furthermore, most packaging requirements including child-proof plastic bag regulations cause operators to choose thick opaque plastics that are often not recyclable and contribute to the industry’s plastic problem. Ensuring that eco-friendly cannabis packaging, like glass cannabis containers and eco-friendly bags, is available can significantly help the industry move toward greener practices.

The cannabis packaging market is growing along with the rest of the industry — in fact, it’s estimated to reach $297.51 billion by 2026. If we begin transitioning to more sustainable packaging solutions now, we can easily steer the cannabis industry in the direction of eco-friendly alternatives to plastics that pollute our oceans and our planet.

Benzinga recently reported that, “for every gram of cannabis sold legally, up to 70 grams of plastic waste was generated.” That’s a lot of plastics going into our landfills — which inevitably ends up in our ecosystems.

The most popular cannabis packaging options range from mylar bags to plastic tubes, but there are tin, plant-based and glass cannabis containers that are compliant, functional and affordable. Let’s take a look at the top four most popular cannabis packaging solutions to better understand how serving up environmentally friendly options can lessen the severity of our industry’s carbon footprint.

Four popular cannabis packaging solutions

1. Mylar Bags.

Mylar bags are made out of plastic. They are an extremely common type of packaging at dispensaries for many reasons. Firstly, they are easy to label and can hold varying quantities of flower or edibles. Child-proof plastic bags are a great way to store organic materials, and they are typically opaque, which is in line with many state’s regulations. Although these bags are a great way to store and distribute cannabis products, they are typically made of plastic not exactly eco-friendly bags. We have alternative options. At HISIERRA, we make packaging that has the same function as mylar bags, only our bags are made with renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials. Our eco-friendly bags are all compliant and child-proofed without the nasty environmental implications.

2. Glass Jars.

Glass is probably one of the best containers for cannabis products. It’s an inert substance, meaning that it will not react or leech into the product it contains. Glass can be made clear or opaque, both of which have their own benefits. While clear glass cannabis containers allow the customer to see the contents within the packaging, opaque glass can help prevent the flower from degrading from light exposure. Additionally, glass can be recycled over and over again, making it a much more sustainable solution than plastic alternatives.

3. Plastic Tubes.

If you’ve shopped for prerolls or concentrate cartridges, you’ve likely received numerous plastic tubes from dispensaries. These tubes are problematic for a variety of reasons — they’re made out of thick plastic that’s often not recyclable and the sheer amount that goes into circulation is cause for concern. There are many other ways to sell prerolls or cartridges without using plastic tubes. We have partnered with Crativ to offer plant-based containers for pre-rolls, flower, edibles and carts.

4. Tins.

Tin containers keep out moisture and sunlight, allowing the product to stay fresh longer. These containers are usually made out of aluminum and therefore are recyclable. Tins are made in a variety of sizes and are great packaging options for prerolls, edibles and even whole flower. Additionally, many tins are small enough in size and width to comfortably store in a purse or a pocket. While tins are definitely better for the environment than plastic, they can’t beat the versatility and sustainability of Crativ containers.

Eco-friendly containers for your business

At HiSierra, it’s our hope that cannabis companies will see the value in choosing sustainable packaging solutions and child-proof plastic bags. Our products are compliant, child-proof and customizable — just like plastics. We take it a step further than our competitors by producing cannabis containers using recycled ocean plastics, recycled glass and renewable plant based materials. There’s no need to add to our industry’s plastic problem when there are a variety of alternative eco-friendly packaging solutions available. Shop online or contact HISIERRA to talk with a representative about your brand.

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