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Finding Eco-Friendly Cannabis Jars Should Be Easy

The cannabis industry has a plastic problem. This problem is clear to anyone who visits dispensaries and leaves with hefty quantities of plastic containers. As the industry continues to grow and expand as more states become cannabis-friendly, the amount of waste will increase, making cannabis a significant contributor to plastic waste that plagues our landfills, oceans and natural habitats. In fact, the non-profit, Plastic Oceans International, found that the planet produces 300 million tons of plastic per year, half of which are single-use plastics. Single-use plastics make up the majority of cannabis containers. An obvious alternative to heavy plastics is the tried-and-true, centuries old material – glass eco-friendly and sustainable cannabis jars.

Eco-friendly cannabis jars are making their way into the mainstream. There are a number of mission-driven companies aiming to produce sustainable cannabis packaging, one of which is HISIERRA®. HISIERRA® is a renewable, sustainable packaging company working to make cannabis a greener industry by providing products that can enhance an eco-friendly message. Our sustainable glass jars, used for flower or concentrates, are paired with child-proof lids made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastics.

HISIERRA® takes our mission even further by utilizing green manufacturing methods. There are no fossil fuels used to power our US-based production, and wind-powered energy powers the factory that produces their exit bags, which are made of 100% renewable, plant-based materials. These methods significantly reduce their carbon footprint and make it clear that a more sustainable future in cannabis packaging and manufacturing is possible. 

Plastics in the Cannabis Industry

Why is so much plastic being used by cannabis industry packaging if there are eco-friendly options available? Some point to strict regulations slapped onto the industry by state governments. Many state packaging requirements lead to the adoption of single-use plastics with an additional layer of plastic add-ons meant to keep kids out of their containers. Additional protocols required for packaging include tamper-proof, resealable and opaque containers (for edibles). Though these safety measures are well-intended, the resulting plastic usage is increasingly burdensome. On the flip side, glass is made from natural resources like sand, soda, ash and limestone, which are abundant in nature and infinitely recyclable. 

Glass is inert and impermeable, meaning that consumers aren’t risking chemicals seeping into their products packed in glass containers. Glass is the only widely-used container recognized by the FDA as “GRAS,” or, “generally recognized as safe”. It’s not only safe, but glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interaction, ensuring that products kept inside glass maintain their flavor, strength and aroma. This seems particularly suited for packaging flower and extracts since strength, aroma and flavor are the main indicators of product quality.

Sustainable Glass Packaging

HISIERRA®’s glass containers are made from recycled German glass. Glass products can be used nearly 40 times before being recycled into yet another glass product. An estimated 80% of all glass is recycled into new glass bottles or containers, with no loss of quality or purity. Quite the opposite of plastic, which takes nearly 450 years to degrade. An article by Waste Advantage Magazine states, “Even with current recycling and conservation efforts, the amount of plastic in the oceans will increase 10 times by 2020 and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans by weight than fish.” Pretty scary, huh?

As cannabis consumers become more concerned with brand reputation, it may be wise for brands to adopt eco-friendly cannabis jars. More than 75% of respondents to a survey by Canivate stated that seeking out specific brands is important to their shopping choices. Not to mention, the majority of cannabis consumers are millennials. Millennials have proven to be the most concerned with climate change and environmental impacts. A recent study showed that 87% of millennials “believe that companies should address urgent social and environmental issues.” Brands should consider the adoption of sustainable glass jars as a no-brainer for cannabis products and their dispensaries. 

Socially conscious consumers will continue to push the industry towards sustainability as they reward those who choose to transition from heavy plastics to eco-friendly cannabis jars and packaging. Brands like HISIERRA® are leading the pack in the direction of earth-friendly alternatives with our minimal carbon footprint and sustainable cannabis jars with reclaimed ocean plastic lids. Finding eco-friendly cannabis jars should be easy. The abundance of alternatives in the market speaks for itself; consumers want more responsible, greener options. Together, brands and their consumers can band together to keep the cannabis industry eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible. After all, it appears that grass is simply best suited for glass.


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