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Top 4 Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Options that Attract Influencers

In today’s digital age, attracting influencers is a solid strategy to get your cannabis brand in front of new customers. Consumers trust influencers and tend to follow the brands they rave about. One of the trends we see influencers flock toward is sustainability. Influencers are focusing more and more on brands they can personally identify with and support, particularly brands that aim to be more environmentally conscious. So, what options are available to cannabis brands for eco friendly containers that are both sustainable and have an aesthetic to attract influencers? Let’s look at why sustainable marketing is important, especially when it comes to attracting influencers, where to buy sustainable packaging for your cannabis brand, and a few of our favorite eco friendly containers on the market.

Why Sustainable Marketing is Important 

The number of influencers promoting environmentally conscious cannabis brands is growing. Why sustainable marketing is important is not solely because it’s a great way to make influencers run, not walk, to your business doorsteps, but it’s also an active way to show customers your business’s core values. Sustainable marketing also helps prove your brand prioritizes things like environmental sustainability in the packaging and production processes, which can provide a competitive advantage in today’s market . 

Where to Buy Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable marketing is a way to boost brand visibility and do your brand’s part to protect the environment. The next step is determining where to buy sustainable packaging that is environmentally friendly and fits your aesthetic. Check out our picks for the top four cannabis packaging eco containers that attract influencers!

The HISIERRA Concentrate Containers are a beautiful glass solution for cannabis products. These glass eco friendly containers were thoughtfully crafted with rounded, protruding edges, making them easy for your customers to grip and open. They are also designed to keep the product safe and fresh to ensure lasting quality and customer satisfaction. Your customers can even feel good about using the plastic lids, as they are ethically sourced using ocean plastic, a point influencers are sure to remember and point out. Not only do these eco-friendly containers exude elegance, but they make your customers feel good about not harming the planet while lighting up their favorite products.

If you are looking for a reusable and resealable bag that keeps products fresh and shows off your unique branding, the HISIERRA Custom Zipline Bags are the solution. Made with renewable and sustainable raw materials in a green LEED-certified wind-powered factory, HISIERRAzipline bags are efficient, customizable and sustainable.Add your brand’s custom images and messaging,, and your cannabis packaging will command attention and demonstrate that your cannabis brand is environmentally conscious.

There are few things better in life than cracking open a pre roll tube and lighting up your favorite strain. Now, your customers can open up a childproof, eco-friendly container that keeps the product fresh while finally not negatively impacting the environment. HISIERRA pre roll tubes are reusable, recyclable and use up to 50% less polypropylene. HISIERRA pre-roll tubes come in five different sizes to fit all your product needs.

If you’re looking for the next biodegradable superstar on the block, look no further than the Pre Roll Crativ Containers. Produced with additives to drive biodegradation, these recyclable containers are the go-to packaging solution for your cannabis products. Add on hemp paper inserts for pre rolls that are chemical-free, biodegradable and recyclable, ensuring that both your customers and the planet are protected. 

Our top four sustainable marijuana packaging options will have influencers begging to represent your cool and conscious cannabis brand! If you want to learn more about why sustainable marketing is important and sustainable cannabis packaging, check out the HISIERRA blog and shop our HISIERRA sustainable products. Our goal is to make the cannabis world a greener place by providing products to enhance eco-friendly messaging and preserve products with certified safe and child-resistant packaging solutions. All of our products are American-made and created with the environment in mind!

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