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Attract Dispensaries & Consumers with Custom Cannabis Branded Products

These days, the cannabis industry is flooded with brands competing for the same consumers. In order to successfully differentiate your products, it’s important to create packaging that stands out among the rest. If the packaging is beautiful and eye-popping, it will stand out on a dispensary’s shelf. If a product stands out, it’s more likely to sell. If it’s more likely to sell, more dispensaries will want it on their shelves. Use custom cannabis branded products to attract dispensaries and, in turn, consumers.

Custom cannabis packaging isn’t only about standing out on a dispensary shelf. It’s also about elevating your brand. Packaging can elicit feelings from a consumer about it’s quality and the brand’s overall message. Bland or ugly packaging can suggest to the consumer that the product itself is bland or of poor quality. This is problematic if the brand is new, or doesn’t yet have a loyal consumer base. Additionally, the cannabis industry’s enormous use of plastic is another problem entirely. A great way to separate your brand from the rest is by making it clear to the consumer that you’re committed to being eco-friendly. At HISIERRA®, our products are both eco-friendly and completely customizable.

If you’re looking for custom cannabis packaging solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Read below for reasons why packaging is important for your brand.

Why Custom Cannabis Branding Stands Out on Dispensary Shelves

Cannabis brands and dispensaries don’t have to sacrifice package quality for eye-catching customizations – they can have both. Quality packaging solutions means that the cannabis product will stay safely secured and fresh in the package, while also being appealing to look at. It’s important to remember that packaging acts as advertising, so there’s a need for packaging that stands out. When dispensaries line their shelves with tons of products, it’s easy for a customer to get overwhelmed, so they’re likely to reach for whatever catches their eye first. 

The longer a customer browses, the more likely their browsing will convert to a sale. If dispensary shelves are lined with boring, plain packaging, the product with bold packaging easily diversifies itself without the budtender even having to suggest it, so it’s smart for brands to opt for premium, branded packaging with colorful labels and artful designs. 

Cannabis Branded Products Attract Consumers

Packaging can evoke feelings from customers about a product’s quality, integrity and brand messaging. Custom branded cannabis products are particularly effective at setting the tone for a brand’s target demographic. For example, if a brand is catering to older adults, they may choose to keep the packaging clean and easy to identify. If they’re catering to medical patients, they must maintain clear and efficient labeling. But if they’re catering to a seasoned stoner, adding art or colors that will attract their discerning eyes to the product is in the brand’s best interest. In order for brands to effectively market their products, customized packaging is needed to get a message across to buyers seeking a specific type of experience. 

Whatever a company chooses, finding wholesale dispensary supplies with branded packaging options is the first step in the direction of creating eye-popping, appealing displays to attract consumers. 

Branded High-Quality Packaging Elevates Your Products

The customer experience doesn’t start and end with the dispensary. There are a bunch of factors in between that contribute to the overall experience. High-quality, branded packaging is a way to facilitate brand recognition, with extra bonus points if the packages are beautiful to look at and effective at keeping the flower fresh. Custom cannabis packaging targets a specific consumer by catering to their needs and desires, and if done effectively, ends in a sale. Once the customer takes the product home, their experience with the packaging continues. If it looks and feels great and keeps their product fresh, it’s adding to their experience. High-quality packaging suggests high-quality products.

How HISIERRA® Can Help Your Products Stand Out

Here at HISIERRA®, we pride ourselves on creating top-quality, green packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. We love this industry and we also love the planet, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to green manufacturing methods and materials made from recycled ocean plastics and plant-based materials. However, we also understand that creating packaging that’s customized and beautiful attracts consumers and dispensaries, ultimately elevating a product’s overall appeal on the shelf and in the hands of the end customer. That’s why we’ve made it a point to create custom branded cannabis product packaging that can be completely customized to feature logos, art, or color palettes that best represent any brand. The cherry on top is that our packaging isn’t contributing to the industry’s massive plastic problem. So if your brand is positioning itself as eco-conscious, it’s best to partner with an equally eco-friendly packaging company. We can help you attract your ultimate target consumer. Green packaging can elevate your brand in both the dispensary and the minds and hearts of your customers.

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