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Cannabis Concentrate Packaging that Protects

Cannabis concentrates are extracts derived from cannabis flowers that are processed into a concentrated form. The purity of concentrates range from 40%-90% cannabinoids by weight, terpenes and cannabinoids are separated to create a pure compound. Concentrates can be smoked, dabbed or formulated into products such as edibles, tinctures, or skincare products. There are many different forms of cannabis concentrates, some of which include kief, hash, rosin and isolates. Having the correct custom cannabis concentrate packaging and containers can make a world of difference.

Protecting Cannabis Concentrate With Packaging

Cannabis concentrates can easily degrade when exposed to poor storage conditions like humidity, heat, and excessive light. All of these environmental factors can all accelerate the rate of degradation of your cannabis concentrates. Just as humidity control is important for storing cannabis flower, it is also vital for concentrates. Over time, cannabinoids break down and cause the concentrates to lose potency. Concentrates also go stale and develop mold when exposed to excessive moisture causing contamination, another factor that affects the quality of cannabis concentrates.

There are many benefits to storing concentrates; neglecting to properly store these substances will result in a harsh-tasting product with weakened potency due to the natural cycle of degradation – which is sped up by light and heat. Even worse, exposure to moisture can result in moldy concentrates which can potentially lead to respiratory issues. In order to maximize shelf-life and ensure safe and pure concentrates, proper storage is paramount.

Custom Cannabis Packaging and Containers

Glass containers are best for natural mixtures of essential oils and resins, that can be cleanly scooped right off of the glass without adhering.  Glass jars are perfect for all kinds of concentrates, including budder, crumble, sauce, sugars, leftover bits of shatter and so on. What kind of glass jars are best for concentrate, specifically? You don’t want to dig down to the bottom of a mason jar to get the last bits or risk a faulty seal. Look no further than HISIERRA® – a cannabis packaging company taking the lead in providing green cannabis packaging solutions. With products like sustainable glass jars paired with child-proof lids made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastics, they are on the cutting-edge of green packaging solutions in the cannabis space. They are committed to being globally responsible while also producing quality products. HISIERRA®’s cannabis concentrate containers provide an excellent, straightforward method to storing concentrates both short and long-term.

If you’re looking at methods for storage, the best method depends on how long the intended storage period and the consistency of the concentrate. For short-term storage, a glass jar in a temperate room of your home will do. Over time, extracts with continuous exposure to elements will deteriorate the aroma, potency and weight – nobody wants to hit their dab rig after a long day and taste a harsh, sour flavor from deteriorating concentrate. So, if you’re storing your concentrates for longer than a week, consider an air-tight container in a consistently cool, dark place. Properly sealed extracts will last months if stored in a cool place like a refrigerator or freezer. In fact, HISIERRA® has engineered a glass container designed specifically for cannabis concentrates. Featuring a rounded design, these containers are easy to open and hold in hand with a protruding bottom for easier grip. These cannabis concentrate jars will keep products fresh and consumers happy. With HISIERRA®’s commitment to eco-friendly materials and production methods, consumers can feel good about using a container that’s not contributing to the cannabis industry’s plastic problem. HISIERRA®’s glass containers are made from recycled German glass. Glass products can be used nearly 40 times before being recycled into yet another glass product. An estimated 80% of all glass is recycled into new glass bottles or containers, with no loss of quality or purity.

Impermeable Custom Concentrate Packaging

Another reason why glass concentrate containers are essential for storage is specifically related to glass itself. Glass is inert and impermeable, meaning that consumers aren’t risking chemicals seeping into their products packed in glass containers. It’s not only safe, but glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interaction, ensuring that products kept inside glass maintain their flavor, strength and aroma. This seems particularly suited for packaging concentrates since strength, aroma and flavor are the main indicators of product quality.

Whether you’re a business big or small, HISIERRA®’s glass concentrate jars will provide the storage needed to keep concentrates pure, fresh and ready to safely consume.

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