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Colorado Cannabis Packaging Laws

Since Colorado allowed the state-licensed retail sale of cannabis in 2014, the popularity of the plant has grown exponentially. In 2021, Colorado cannabis sales had another record-breaking year with more than $2.22 billion in products sold and about 82% of that was in retail sales alone. Since January 2014 when the state first began tracking cannabis sales, both medicinal and retail cannabis stores have amassed more than $12.2 billion. The sale of cannabis is a massive driver of tax revenue for The Centennial State, and has brought in more than $423 million in sales and excise taxes and fees in 2021, and more than $2 billion since 2014. Recent reports estimate that well over 35,000 Coloradans held jobs within the cannabis industry in 2021. Needless to say, the Colorado cannabis industry is an incredibly lucrative and competitive market.

Colorado Marijuana Packaging Regulations

Current Colorado cannabis packaging laws state that all retail and medical marijuana businesses are required to sell all marijuana products in packaging that is resealable, child resistant and not see-through. If you are planning on marketing your product here, those rules are the bare minimum when it comes to Colorado weed packaging. But consumers want more than just the bare minimum — “green” is synonymous with being eco-friendly, caring about the earth and reducing carbon footprints.

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Colorado Top Weed Product Packaging

Smart 420-friendly residents of Colorful Colorado are looking for more than just a company who follows the basic Colorado marijuana packaging regulations; they want cannabis product packaging they can feel good about. And smart cannabis retailers know the values of Colorado top weed product packaging for environmentally conscious consumers — and HISIERRA provides the best Colorado weed packaging.

HISIERRA develops and manufactures earth-friendly, American-made cannabis packaging solutions that are compliant with Colorado cannabis packaging laws. Whether you’re shopping for Colorado weed packaging bags, concentrate and pre-roll containers, or humidity control, HISIERRA is the most reliable choice with competitive pricing.

Better for your brand. Better for the planet. Whether you do business in a big city like Denver, Aurora or Colorado Springs, or one of the smaller towns, HISIERRAmakes it easy to get beautiful high-quality, customizable, and eco-friendly marijuana packaging.

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All HISIERRA bags are made in an LEED certified factory located in the heartland of America. No fossil fuels are used for power, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint. The HISIERRA bags are not only innovative in their design and meet all of the Colorado marijuana packaging regulations, but they also have been tested and certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance everywhere. HISIERRA bags were designed with not only child safety in mind but also sustainability and ease of use. Choose from:

  • HISIERRA Pound Bags feature heavy-duty odor control and puncture resistance for the ultimate in cannabis protection. HISIERRA pound bags are also incredibly easy to fill as they feature an 8-inch wide bottom gusset, and they come with a reclosable full-width seal in super-stealth opaque black for Colorado weed packaging, or a clear option for personal storage or where see-thru packaging is permissible.
  • HISIERRA Exit Bags offer full-width openings, making them remarkably easy to fill and seal. With multiple sizes that offer both zipping or press-to-seal closures, whether you choose from the Weekender or the Jam Session, these sturdy and reliable discrete exit bags will quickly become your Colorado top weed product packaging in no time.
  • HISIERRA Custom Bags not only provide high-quality packaging combined with renewability, reusability and responsibility, but branding as well. When you want to add some flair, these custom designed bags can be printed to your specifications and are available in multiple sizes with low minimums and no plates.

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HISIERRA Cannabis Product Containers

Whether you are looking for the perfect container for your bud or your distillate, HISIERRA offers Colorado cultivators and producers the best way to keep their products safe and fresh with:

  • HISIERRA Flower Jars that are made from recycled German glass and have wide mouths and ocean-based plastic lids manufactured right here in the USA to be child-resistant. These jars are as beautiful as they are sustainable.
  • HISIERRA Concentrate Containers designed specifically for cannabis concentrates with a rounded base making it easier to grip, and an ocean-based plastic lid with our planet in mind. These containers are as beautiful as they are functional.
  • HISIERRA Pre-Roll Packaging in both single-size tubes and Crativ containers for multi-roll storage, these containers are not only child-proof and recyclable, but also biodegradable so they can help the earth instead of harm it.

When your goal is to protect your products and the planet, partner with a company who has made it their mission to provide top-shelf, child-resistant, innovative and eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions manufactured in a globally responsible way. HISIERRA provides exceptional quality for their exceptional customers. Go HISIERRA and never go back.