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Quality Dispensary Packaging in Washington

HISIERRA® prides itself on designing and creating eco-friendly, cannabis packaging solutions that are made right in the heartland of the United States of America. The goal HISIERRA® wishes to achieve is to make the cannabis world a more sustainable place by providing a multitude of products to enhance eco-friendly messaging and preserve each of their products with certified safe and child-resistant packaging solutions. Learn more about our Washington dispensary wholesale supplies.

Essentially, this boils down to 4 main objectives: eco-friendly processes and packaging, lots of dispensary supplies in Washington, compliance with all Washington state laws as well as child-resistant laws and legislations.

HISIERRA® offers many options for your Washington state wholesale dispensary supply needs, and each unique option abides by the four main objectives – which is hard to come by these days. Whether you’re traveling across the Bridge of the Gods or getting ready to see Washington from the Space Needle, you can rest assured HISIERRA® has just the product for you.

washington cannabis packaging


We understand that there are a lot of different options for pre-rolls in Washington. However, HISIERRA® offers the only dispensary pre-roll supplies in the state of Washington that are recyclable. Most other pre-rolls are one-and-done supplies and add a large amount of waste to our planet. HISIERRA®’s pre-roll tubes are made of eggshells and completely compostable within just 180 days! What other dispensary supplies store in Washington can say that?

Not only does HISIERRA® have compostable pre-rolls, they also offer Crativ® compostable containers. These containers are not only wonderfully crafted for your next trip through the North Cascades National Park, but they are also compostable. Simply throw them away in your compost bin (or, if you forget and throw the container in the trash – that’s okay!) and watch it decompose quickly. Additionally, to fortify HISIERRA®’s desire to offer child-resistant products, the Crativ® containers have a specialized lock that deters children from being too curious.

washington cannabis packaging, washington dispensary wholesale


If you or your clients are interested in carrying a little more product around the state of Washington, we have just the jars for you. One of the favorite jars for Washington State dispensary supplies is the HISIERRA® concentrate jars that are best for, you guessed it, containing concentrates. If you are more prone to utilizing flowers, HISIERRA®’s flower jar is for you. Each of our glass jar options will ensure your product is kept as pure as possible.

Regardless of which jar is chosen for your dispensary or wholesale supplies in Washington, you can be proud of the fact that each jar is made from recycled German glass. Each lid is made from plastic recycled from the ocean and is certified child-resistant.

washington dispensary wholesale


HISIERRA® is most well known in the Washington State dispensary world for their bags. Each bag is created in a facility located in the Heartland of America, using only renewable wind power energy, is LEED-certified and does not use fossil fuels. HISIERRA® goes above and beyond with their packaging to ensure the absolute safety of both product and outsider to strictly follow protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 and are proudly certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475.

Cheering on the Wizards or the Nationals is enhanced with the best and most variety of Washington state dispensary supplies only found at HISIERRA®. There are four bag options to fit everyone’s dispensary supply needs in Washington: custom bags, exit bags, other bags and pound bags.

Custom Bags – That’s right, at HISIERRA® you can design your own bag to fit all of your cannabis needs. With low cost but high quality, you won’t be disappointed with showing off your Washington state dispensary supplies in style.

Exit Bags – These bags come in two different sizes and two different closures to make sure all of your packaging needs are met.

Other Bags – Our edible bags come in two different pre-printed styles at 10” X 6” X 2”.

Pound Bags – The pound bags are perfect for holding your dispensary supplies in Washington and come in two different styles as well. One in a more classic matte and another with a transparent side to show off the goods.

washington cannabis packaging, washington dispensary wholesale

Humidity Control for HISIERRA®

HISIERRA® has partnered with Integra to offer humidity control packs specifically for each of HISIERRA®’s products. The humidity control packs offer the perfect blend of moisture and humidity to keep your cannabis pure, fresh and in the best conditions possible. There are two options of humidity available to adjust the humidity levels to preserve your cannabis contents perfectly.

Help Us Help The World

We know there are a lot of different options of Washington state dispensary supplies and we greatly appreciate you choosing HISIERRA®. We are honored that you not only support us, but support our goals of keeping the cannabis world a greener and better place.