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Why Your Business Needs A Variety of Cannabis Packing Solutions

Making cannabis packaging practices greener is an ongoing topic of conversation for cultivators and dispensaries alike. The regulatory nature of cannabis packaging creates difficult obstacles for industry professionals to navigate, especially when regulations often don’t align with the environmentally friendly standards of a given business model. The upswing in “green” compliant packaging solutions coming to market is proof that cannabis companies face an uphill battle when it comes to packaging. Compliance isn’t the only thing that dictates how and why packaging is made but also the product itself – cannabis, a product with a shelf-life, needs packaging standards that uphold the integrity of the product while also fulfilling necessary regulatory standards. Utilizing a variety of cannabis packaging is necessary for any business handling cannabis products as freshness, ease of transport and safety are all major factors contributing to cannabis packaging solutions.

Cannabis Packaging Industry Green Solutions

HISIERRA® is taking the lead in providing green cannabis packaging solutions. A renewable, sustainable packaging company working to make cannabis a greener industry by providing products that enhance an eco-friendly message. With products like sustainable glass jars paired with child-proof lids made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastics, we are on the cutting-edge of green packaging solutions in the cannabis space. Our commitment spans beyond just our product line, HISIERRA® produces green cannabis packaging using green manufacturing methods. There are no fossil fuels used to power our US-based production and wind-powered energy powers our US-based factory. We are committed to being globally responsible while also producing quality products. By using green manufacturing standards, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and make it clear that a more sustainable future in cannabis is possible. 

HISIERRA® offers a variety of compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry; from exit bags, pre-roll tubes, glass jars and more- we emphasize four major pillars for all of our packaging products; they are Earth Friendly, Sustainable, Child Resistant and Made in America. HISIERRA® uses proprietary plant-based raw materials. By using sustainable and renewable wind-powered energy, we have a clean, green, LEED certified factory. All of our packaging is child resistant and verified by an American 3rd party organization. Lastly, our products are proudly made in America.

Compliant Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

High-quality cannabis packaging helps increase consumer confidence in a brand. Cannabis packaging performs many functions for both the product itself and a business. It is important that the packaging looks clean and safe for consumers. It also provides a platform for the necessary product information that must be present on the label, such as consumer base and required regulatory information. The container should also appeal to consumers and could possibly influence buying decisions. Cannabis dispensaries would be wise to consider their packaging options, especially with a growing consumer base and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

The “Exit Bag,” a necessity for some dispensaries, is used for customers leaving with products and is considered to be the barrier between young children and the cannabis products inside of the bag. Since some cannabis packaging only needs to be “tamper-proof” by way of a sticker or cap, the exit bag is a second layer of protection. HISIERRA® exit bags are plant-based, using sustainably and renewable farmed sugarcane. Our exit bags come in multiple sizes and can be branded by special order for customers. A product that may interest cultivators is HISIERRA®’s “Pound Bag,” made from heavy-duty, odor and puncture-resistant compliant materials. The right cannabis packaging solutions make it easier for the cultivator and the dispensary to ensure their products remain fresh, secured and easily transportable.

Glass jars are essential for storing cannabis flower and concentrates, as glass is inert and impermeable, meaning that consumers aren’t risking chemicals seeping into their products packed in glass containers. HISIERRA®’s glass concentrate jars are made with premium German glass and sustainable lids manufactured in the USA. Glass is recognized by the FDA as “GRAS,” or, “generally recognized as safe”. Glass also has an almost zero rate of chemical interaction, ensuring that products kept inside glass maintain their flavor, strength and aroma. Strength, aroma and flavor are the main indicators of cannabis product quality, making glass a natural pairing for storage and cannabis packaging solutions. 

Another exciting product in HISIERRA®’s portfolio is our compostable pre-roll tubes. Pre-roll tubes, used to store pre-rolled joints, are a major contributor to the single-use plastic problem that the cannabis industry faces today. HISIERRA®’s tubes are backyard compostable and take 180 days to break down – another impressive product in HISIERRA®’s portfolio and a testament to our commitment to creating innovative solutions to make the cannabis industry a “greener” place for its growers, dispensaries and consumers.

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