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The Best Connecticut Cannabis Packaging

What makes the best cannabis packaging in Connecticut? At HISIERRA®, we think it comes down to four things: we need our packaging to be child-resistant, environmentally friendly, offer a lot of options, and to always be compliant with the Connecticut cannabis packaging regulations.

Check out our growing lineup of creatively-designed cannabis packing products in Connecticut that check every box you need, especially the eco-friendly one. We are dedicated to helping eliminate the cannabis industry’s plastic problem by offering renewable, reusable, and responsible packaging options.

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Located in the heartland of America, our packaging factory uses no fossil fuels and is LEED-certified, using 100% renewable wind power energy. Plus, our exit bags themselves are made with renewable and sustainable plant-based raw materials (sugar cane). And since safety is a huge concern when it comes to Connecticut cannabis packaging, all of our bags have been tested and certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20.

Exit Bags:

Choose from press-to-close or slide-to-close bags in two different sizes. We also carry matte black in a press-to-close style.

Pound Bags:

These heavy-duty bags are resealable, and come in two styles: the Super-Stealth pound bag in all-over black, or the Showcase pound bag with one clear side for easy viewing. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that they are puncture-resistant and smell-proof.

Other Bags:

We love being creative, and have released a limited edition set of pre-printed bags perfectly sized for edibles. At 10” x 6” x2”, choose from a linen-look or a carbon-fiber print.

Custom Bags:

Make a statement with your packaging, and design a bag that reflects your brand. With low minimums and all-over printing, your custom Connecticut cannabis packaging is sure to be remembered.
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We love these jars as much for their design as for what they stand for. Made from recycled German glass with child-resistant lids created from plastic recovered from the ocean, our jars are eco-friendly and sustainable. Your clients can choose to recycle the packaging, or re-use it indefinitely in other ways. We love using glass jars for our bud and concentrates, because it doesn’t hold smell and has almost no chemical interaction. When stored in glass, your products will remain unadulterated and as pure as possible.

Flower Jars:

The HISIERRA® flower jar’s wide-opening makes for easy filling and flower retrieval.

Concentrate Jars:

Designed with the customer in mind, these smaller jars have a protruding bottom for a better grip. It’s the details that make all the difference.
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For Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are super-convenient to use, which makes them popular products. Unfortunately, they’re often packed in single-use plastic tubes that get thrown out. We have two ingenious products to make packaging your Connecticut cannabis pre-rolls easy and environmentally friendly.

Compostable Pre-Roll Tubes:

Finally, there’s no need to feel guilty about single-use packaging. These eggshell white tubes are backyard compostable in just 180 days! Your customers can toss them in the compost bin and feel great about creating dirt, not more plastic waste.

Crativ Containers:

Created by the American company Crativ, these customizable pre-roll containers are beautiful, useful, and eco-friendly. Customers can toss the containers in their recycling bin, but if they somehow end up in the trash, Crativ has engineered the containers to break down more quickly. They also have an innovative locking design that takes two hands to open, easily frustrating any curious child.
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Humidity Control for Cannabis Packaging in Connecticut

Once you’ve put all that tender love and care into your cannabis products, the last thing you want is to have humidity ruin the end product. Moisture creates mold, and dryness just ruins everything! Save your own stash, and bump up the value of client orders by using Integra Humidity Packs. By releasing or absorbing moisture when in a contained environment, the packs maintain the perfect relative humidity. Choose from 55% or 62% humidity packs and create the ideal environment for your flower.

The Most Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packing Products in Connecticut

With just one planet to call home, HISIERRA® is proud to be creating and distributing cannabis packages that make a difference. We consider all of the steps, from where our materials come from, how they are made, and what will happen to them once they’ve been used.

When you choose our products, your products become part of the solution, too. Make a difference with your Connecticut cannabis packaging, and choose to wrap your weed with the planet in mind.