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What are Cannabis Barrier Bags?

Barrier bags for cannabis, also known as exit bags, are an important part of the growing cannabis industry. While not a requirement in every state with medicinal or recreational legalization, barrier bags are present in many dispensaries, particularly custom barrier bags for cannabis, and can be both an important item for consumers and a valuable product for businesses to carry. 

The expanding market for barrier bags has led to a wide variety in their appearance, which means that looks alone may not be a clear distinguisher. Below is a list of ten ways cannabis barrier bags are helpful, both to all kinds of dispensary models and to consumers ranging from occasional to habitual dispensary visitors.

10 Cannabis Barrier Bag Benefits

  1. Consistent cannabis packaging allows for ease of portability, meaning there is no need for clients to remember their own bag. Some dispensaries even allow their own branded barrier bags to be reused for new purchases, which minimizes waste. The logo on the side is also helpful for identifying which product came from which retailer, potentially boosting repetitive sales. Most dispensaries like these start with a branded sticker, and then move on to custom printing to create their own custom barrier bags for cannabis.
  2. Any good budtender will tell you proper storage of cannabis is vital: too much space in a bag can lead to heightened exposure to oxygen, while not enough space will cause similar destructive issues. Further, being able to store purchases in the same container that they traveled in from the dispensary is an organizational lifehack.
  3. Versatility is key. Most types of cannabis products can be kept in a barrier bag, including cannabis flower heads, edibles, and pre-rolls. If an inferior storage container is replaced with a quality, safe, HISIERRA barrier bag, then customers who prefer different products will all receive the same marketing and feelings of consumer loyalty.
  4. Customers typically prefer their purchases to be as fresh as possible for… ever, right? By blocking heat exposure and direct sunlight, the product can be consumed for longer, the best outcome! Your customers already love you for your variety of products and competitive prices; just wait until you’re also the business that helps them avoid wasting good cannabis!
  5. Resealable functionality restricts the other two main enemies of cannabis bud: moisture and humidity. These factors are real threats to potency, and while there is no way to exert product control after purchase, barrier bags give clients the best tools possible to maintain high-quality marijuana. In areas that allow cannabis consumption near bodies of water, a quality barrier bag will keep product from heavy wetness and being completely ruined.
  6. Barrier bags for cannabis can provide savings on shipping. Compared to typical hard packaging, products contained within barrier bags will have significantly less air inside than glass jars or metal tins. Bags are also lighter than other types of materials, which translates into less weight overall and keeps costs low.
  7. Flexibility while in motion can sometimes mean the difference between an unusable product and an unhappy customer on the one hand, and a pleased clientele who returns again and again on the other. Because barrier bags will not bend or break if they are mishandled in transport, there is a better chance of the product remaining intact and ready for consumption.
  8. Visibility reigns on these containers. Having a broadside, especially on versions with stand up bottoms, allows for labeling, logos, details, and UPC codes to show clearly in front of the barrier bag. This is a convenient feature for walk-in customers, and useful for staff inventory maintenance.
  9. A small footprint means optimization of space for dispensaries. Whether a dispensary is large or small, floor space is best used as a selling space. Storing flat, stackable barrier bags is easy and low-weight, allowing dispensaries to keep more inventory on hand. This, in turn, keeps products rolling out and retail space at top capacity.
  10. One-handed closure makes things easier for both dispensaries and customers. For businesses, filling bags doesn’t need to occupy the entire staff: fill the bag, one slide zip, and the product is shelf ready! Customers can easily juggle other items in their hands while extracting their products and quickly closing the storage bag. What could be easier?

Cannabis barrier bags are a popular solution for many cannabis businesses, particularly custom barrier bags for cannabis. When considering this option, take note of production values. HISIERRA develops and manufactures earth-friendly and American-made cannabis packaging solutions. Their goal is to make the cannabis world a greener place by providing products to enhance eco-friendly messaging and preserve products with certified safe and child-resistant packaging solutions.

Moreover, all storage bags bearing the HISIERRA name have been tested and certified to Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20. 

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