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California Cannabis Packaging

California Cannabis Packaging Requirements

California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medicinal use, and now cannabis is legal in California for recreational use as well — but as easy-breezy as California might seem, there are still regulations in place when it comes to California cannabis packaging requirements for sale. The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act provides the basic rules for how cannabis goods must be packaged for retail sale, and this includes requirements that packages be child-resistant and tamper evident. Edible packaging must be opaque, and packages that contain more than one serving need to be resealable.

In addition to wanting California cannabis packaging that follows governmental regulation, you probably want something that does the best possible job at protecting your product from exposure to harmful contaminants. But also, wouldn’t it be nice to do what you can to help the planet by creating as little pollution as possible?

HISIERRA has made it their mission to provide top of the line cannabis product packaging materials that are eco-friendly as well. HISIERRA has a premium earth-friendly and kid-safe product line, all made in the USA, which includes exit bags, storage bags, concentrate jars, pre-roll tubes, and so much more. HISIERRA has all of your California cannabis packaging requirements covered in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Whether you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco, San Diego or San Jose, we can show you why HISIERRA is the smartest choice to keep your California dispensary products as fresh as they can be.

California Cannabis Exit Bags

With multiple sizes and both press-to-close and slide-to-close options available, HISIERRA sets the standard when it comes to exit bags for California cannabis. Whether you choose from the OG Series, the Zipline Express, or the Pound Bag, you can rest easy knowing that the California cannabis child-resistant packaging you’ve chosen is truly second-to-none. You can even have custom logo bags made for your company as well. Every product from HISIERRA not only fulfills California cannabis exit bag requirements, but is also eco-friendly and American-made. HISIERRA provides exceptional quality to customers who care about the planet and the impact they have upon it. No need to shop around when HISIERRA makes it so easy to find everything you need and have it delivered right to you with free ground shipping to California and the other lower 48 states. Make the right choice. Choose HISIERRA!

california cannabis exit bag requirements
california cannabis child resistant packaging

HISIERRA Concentrate Containers

The concentrate container jars from HISIERRA are as beautiful as they are functional. Customers like that they’re made with a protruding bottom for an easier grip, and they love the job they do at keeping the product inside fresh and protected. This superior container, specifically engineered for California cannabis concentrate, is USA-made from recycled German glass to be easier to open and to hold, and with a lid made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic lid. Child-resistant and made with the sustainability of our planet in mind, once you choose a HISIERRA jar, you will never be satisfied with anything less again. See for yourself and prepare to be wowed.

california cannabis packaging requirements

HISIERRA Pre-Roll Containers

Pre-rolls are a fantastic and portable way to take your California cannabis with you wherever you go. But typical pre-roll containers leave much to be desired. Most pre-roll packaging is incredibly wasteful and can be seen washed up on the shore at major California beaches most weekends. But, with better options available, it doesn’t have to be that way! That is why the visionaries at HISIERRA created pre-roll cannabis packaging that not only does no harm but can actually be beneficial to the planet as well! With the compostable pre-roll packaging from HISIERRA, you just throw your pre-roll tubes into your compost bin or bury them in your yard and the benefits will be clear a mere 180 days later. And, following their desire to make sure that all California cannabis containers are child-proof, HISIERRA partnered with Crativ containers to offer pre-roll containers with a locking design to keep tiny hands from opening your goods–all while remaining sustainable and recyclable. Even if you throw the container into your trash can by mistake, it is designed to decompose more quickly than typical trash. When you care about the planet, and want the absolute best in eco-friendly American-made packaging for your California cannabis product, you don’t have to look any further than the HISIERRA website. HISIERRA has just what you need.

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

When you care about your product and your customers, you want something that not only contains your California cannabis; you want products that will ensure freshness while still being globally responsible. HISIERRA is your one-stop shop for sustainable, earth-friendly, American-made cannabis containers. Developed by industry experts, the California cannabis exit bags from HISIERRA are the only 3rd-party, CR-certified, California cannabis child-resistant packaging made from renewable materials and manufactured in a clean and green, LEED-certified factory. Once you go HISIERRA, you will never go back. Check out their full product line today!