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Globally Responsible Made in the USA | Free shipping on all orders in the continental US!


Hisierra® is dedicated to providing Earth Friendly & Sustainable Child Proof Storage Containers for Sale Made in America

Our landfill biodegradable exit bags are tested and certified with the following certifications:


ASTM D5511

  • PET w/additive 55.9% Biodegradation In 1605 days
  • PP w/additive 10.1% Biodegradation In 256 days
  • PE w/additive 59% Biodegradation In 391 days

ASTM D5526

  • PET w/additive 30.3% Biodegradation In 390 days
  • PP w/additive 53.9% Biodegradation In 391 days
  • PE w/additive 47.9% Biodegradation In 391 days
weed containers for sale

Made in America

HISIERRA® bags are proudly made in the heartland of America
best child proof cannabis packaging supply

Landfill Biodegradable

HISIERRA® bags are landfill biodegradable