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Why HISIERRA® Cannabis Bags are the Best

When you create a superior cannabis product, you want to make sure that your product is protected by the absolute best bags for cannabis. At HISIERRA®, we pride ourselves on creating, developing and implementing cannabis storage bags that are not only made in America but also good for the earth. Sustainability for both our country and our world are high priorities at HISIERRA®. 

We proudly offer three different cannabis storage bags to fit nearly every cannabis storage need you may have. If, however, your needs are not met by our three standard bags, we do offer customization to your individual needs. To learn more about the our bags and the ability to create exactly what you need take a look here. 

Cannabis Storage Bags

We have categorized our cannabis storage bags into three categories: The OG Series, Pound Bag and Zipline Express. 

The OG Series: Also referred to as Exit Bags, the HISIERRA® OG Series is one of the best bags on the market. HISIERRA® is known for providing the best and most compliant cannabis bags that are also child-proof. The OG Series comes in a few different varieties to more specifically fit your individual needs. 

The OG Exit Sustainable bags come in two different sizes, the Weekender for larger needs and the Jam Session for smaller uses. Each OG Exit Sustainable bag slides to close.

Next in the OG Series, we have the normal OG Exit Bags. These cannabis storage bags also come in multiple sizes of Weekender and Jam Session. The major difference between these OG Exit Bags and the OG Exit Sustainable Bags is that the closure for the OG Exit Bags are pressed to close instead of a slide closure. 

Finally, in the OG Series of HISIERRA® bags, we have the OGZ Matte Black Exit Bag. This bag series only comes in the larger Weekender size and offers a press-to-close feature similar to the OG Exit Bags

The HISIERRA® Cannabis Pound Bag: This cannabis storage bag is our most heavy-duty and one of the top choices available. The Pound Bag is compliant for both odor and puncture resistance. Not only is it sleek and perfect for both on-the-go stashes and stealthy stashes, but this it is also produced in two different styles. 

The first choice is an opaque or stealth cannabis storage bag and the second choice is the 1 clear-sided cannabis storage bag. The Pound Bag is ideal for anyone who is environmentally conscious, needs discretion with their stash yet still wants to rock it in style. The Pound Bag comes in one size with a reclosable zipper. 

The Limited Edition Zipline Express CR Exit Bag: The Zipline Express is one of our most popular bags. While not necessarily classified as a stand-up bag like the other products, this limited edition cannabis storage bag is one of a kind. 

If you are looking to house your cannabis edibles in style, you have come to the right place. The Zipline Express is the best cannabis storage bag for your edible needs. It is the absolute perfect size to fit those delicious chocolate bars and comes in two distinct colors: linen or carbon fiber, both with a zipper closure. 

Finally, if you are looking for something more custom-made to your specific needs, HISIERRA® has you covered. HISIERRA® offers CR and reusable custom bags. No matter your need, HISIERRA® is the answer. 

Quality Cannabis Containers

HISIERRA® is known in the cannabis world for our incredible quality of cannabis containers. Touting goals of making the world a better place by creating eco-friendly and child-proof cannabis storage containers, HISIERRA® is one of a kind. 

Each and every one of the cannabis storage bags created in HISIERRA®’s American facilities is crafted using only sustainable and renewable materials in our LEED wind-powered factory. Additionally, HISIERRA®’s cannabis storage bags adhere to the Child Safety Standard ASTM D3475 and conform to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance in every corner of the globe.

If you are uncertain whether HISIERRA® offers the best bags for cannabis, call us today and learn about the HISIERRA® difference. We are ready and waiting to make sure you are provided with only the utmost quality cannabis storage bags and experience what makes HISIERRA® so great. Contact us today.

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