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Arkansas medical marijuana sales soar despite strict Arkansas cannabis laws

Boy howdy, the Arkansas cannabis laws are not easy to navigate. If you have a hankering for some marijuana, you cannot simply walk into a dispensary and walk out with a product like you can in many legal states now. Is cannabis legal in Arkansas? Well, that depends. Cannabis was criminalized in Arkansas way back in 1923. And it wasn’t until more than nine decades later, at the end of 2016, that voters approved Issue 6, which legalized the use of cannabis solely for medical use — and with some pretty strict conditions, including absolutely no allowance for home cultivation. While there was a solid attempt in November 2022 with Issue 4 to amend Arkansas marijuana laws to allow for adult recreational usage, and polling indicated that it was set to pass, the measure was defeated by more than 55%. Many say this was due both to a coalition of wealthy social conservatives as well as marijuana proponents who did not feel that the measure went far enough.

While plans for a new 2024 initiative are in place, current Arkansas marijuana laws are not only pretty strict when it comes to possession, but Arkansas is also one of the “Smoke a joint, lose your license” states – meaning that any conviction for cannabis results in a mandatory six month driver’s license suspension. Yikes.

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Is cannabis legal in Arkansas? The Debate Over Arkansas Cannabis Laws

And to make things even more of a mess, a bill signed into law on April 11, 2023 by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders prohibited the sale of potentially intoxicating products derived from hemp, such as Delta-8 THC — only to have a Pulaski County circuit judge block the enforcement of it June 14, striking down 27 medical marijuana acts passed by state legislature as null and unconstitutional.

If Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch’s ruling is upheld, in addition to the allowance of Delta products, prohibitions would be lifted to allow for dispensary sales of pre-rolls, combustibles and high-THC edibles, and doctors would be able to write patient recommendations for cannabis cards through the use of video consultations.

Basically, when it comes to both Arkansas hemp laws and Arkansas marijuana laws, everything is all cattywampus. Until the Arkansas Supreme Court grants or denies a request for a stay of Welch’s ruling, the Natural State will be in a gray area legally. State agencies are even reluctant to answer the question, “is cannabis legal in Arkansas?”

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Arkansas Marijuana Market

One thing is for certain though — Arkansas medical marijuana sales are about to set a new record. Numbers show that the medical marijuana industry within Arkansas is flourishing since its inception, with patients having spent more than $141 million to purchase more than 29,000 pounds of marijuana between January and June 2023 alone, with an estimate that sales will surpass $280 million by the end of the year.

For those who already have or are looking to become a medical cannabis business in Arkansas, all the regulations can be enough to make your head spin. It is understandable that growers and processors just want to offer customers a quality product, and not worry about Arkansas packaging regulations. That’s why those in the know partner with the best packaging company in all of Arkansas, HiSierra.

The HiSierra Difference

Lots of companies offer packaging for cannabis and cannabis products, but HiSierra not only offers the highest quality Arkansas packaging around, but they take it a step further. HiSierra has a mission to make the cannabis industry a greener place. This U.S. company uses its clean and green wind-powered LEED-certified factory, located in the heartland of America, to produce earth-friendly and kid-safe sustainable packaging for cannabis business people invested in their communities, and the planet as a whole. No need to worry about all the ins and outs of the Arkansas packaging laws as all HiSierra products are tested and certified for child safety and complete cannabis compliance everywhere in the United States. For top-shelf truly sustainable packaging to enhance your eco-friendly message, no one else can offer what HiSierra does.

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HiSierra Bags

HiSierra produces containment bags that protect the cannabis you worked so hard to produce while also protecting the Earth that we all share. HiSierra storage bags are durable, heat-seal compatible bags with tamper-evident closures that feature 8-inch bottom gussets that make them easy to stand and fill. These eco-friendly showcase and transport bags offer maximum odor protection and heavy-duty puncture resistance in both pound and kilo sizes.

HiSierra exit bags are manufactured from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials for the ultimate in green packaging. Available in two sizes and with two closure options, HISierra exit bags are certified child-resistant and protect the integrity of your product while reducing your carbon footprint.

HiSierra custom bags give you the opportunity to provide customers with earth-friendly and kid-safe cannabis packaging bags with your logo front and center for maximum flair. Made with no plates and low minimums, these bags offer the best in branding while offering the best in protection — and are also available in a biodegradable option, which use earth-friendly additives to be certified landfill biodegradable.

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HiSierra Containers

Whatever cannabis product you need to contain, HiSierra has something perfect for both protection and sustainability. There are HiSierra concentrate jars available in multiple sizes and multiple colors that are as beautiful as they are functional. Made in the USA using recycled glass and ocean-based plastic lids, these jars feature a wide mouth for easy access and a rounded bottom for easy gripping.

The HiSierra Crativ containers can house everything from flower to edibles in a way that is both rugged and portable while remaining eco-friendly. In a wide variety of colors and sizes, each of these sleek, durable and lightweight containers is available in either a USDA-certified plant-based option or one made with a proprietary accelerated degradation material — both of which feature a locking mechanism to safeguard from young hands, and technologically designed seals for the ultimate in freshness.

HiSierra Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging in Arkansas

While the Arkansawyers in charge figure out all the nuances and details of its Arkansas hemp laws and Arkansas marijuana laws, you can rest easy knowing you are contributing to the health and wellness of your community by providing the very best in cannabis and contributing to the health and wellness of your planet by packaging it in a HiSierra product.

Arkansas cannabis customers are more savvy than ever and are looking for transparency.  Today’s consumers are more apt to purchase from a company that puts their money behind important causes that benefit the world. Now is the time to align yourself with HiSierra and its mission to reduce the carbon footprint that the cannabis industry leaves behind.

HiSierra not only provides innovative renewable and sustainable cannabis packaging but also the unparalleled personal attention and the ultimate in customer service. See for yourself the difference that HiSierra can make for the planet — and for your business.