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Arizona Cannabis Packaging

Congratulations, Arizona! While Colorado and New Mexico beat you to the punch, you still have the distinction of being the 13th state in the United States to legalize the recreational use of Arizona marijuana. While the legislation for Arizona medical cannabis passed by only the slimmest of margins (50.1%) in 2010, more than 60% of voters approved of legalizing Arizona weed for recreational use only 10 years later. Arizona recreational cannabis was legalized Nov. 3, 2020, with dispensaries able to start selling cannabis in 2021.aring about the earth and reducing carbon footprints.

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Recreational Arizona Marijuana

Legalized Arizona recreational cannabis means that any adult over 21 can walk into a dispensary and purchase up to one ounce of Arizona marijuana as long as no more than five grams of that purchase is marijuana concentrate.

Furthermore, any adult above the age of 21 with a clean criminal record can apply for a license allowing them to operate a dispensary within The Grand Canyon State — where they can then sell cannabis flower, extracts, paraphernalia, seedlings and immature plants for recreational purposes. Delivery is currently only available for Arizona medical cannabis, but that could change as soon as January 2023, which would allow further expansion and profit for Arizona dispensaries.

There’s no denying — recreational cannabis is big business in Arizona. While medical marijuana is only subject to state and local taxing, total taxes on recreational marijuana are at about 24% (16% excise tax and the rest in state and local taxes), which has already brought revenue in at more than $310 million for the state this year.

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Arizona Cannabis Packaging Regulations

As far as exit-packaging goes, all Arizona weed must leave from the dispensary in a child-resistant opaque package. Where design is concerned, Arizona weed and any other Arizona cannabis product may not:

  • be labeled or packaged in a false or misleading manner.
  • be sold or manufactured in a form that resembles a human, animal, insect, fruit, cartoon or toy.
  • be sold or advertised with names that resemble or imitate any brands of food or drink that are marketed to children.
  • be advertised to children in any way.

Further guidelines regarding the specifics of product labeling are covered under Ariz. Admin. Code 9-17-317.

If you are thinking of becoming part of the emerging Arizona cannabis industry, HiSierra helps brands implement all Arizona cannabis packaging requirements. Do what the smartest purveyors in the other legalized recreational cannabis states have been doing for years — turn to HiSierra for any and all of your cannabis packaging needs.

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HISIERRA Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

HiSierra not only offers cannabis packaging that is ASTM D3475 certified and conforms to protocol 16 CFR 1700.20 for child safety and cannabis compliance everywhere, but it is also packaging designed to make our world a greener place — by using green materials and green manufacturing to create the products that store your green!

HiSierra cannabis packaging is innovative, American made, eco-friendly cannabis dispensary packaging manufactured from sustainable plant-based raw materials in an LEED certified wind-powered factory. By using no fossil fuels to power their factory in the heartland of America, HiSierra significantly reduces their carbon footprint while still offering high quality packaging to preserve your product at incredibly reasonable pricing.

Arizona Cannabis Packaging Options from HISIERRA

HiSierra Exit Bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles, for the absolute finest in American-made, renewable, reusable and responsible cannabis packaging. With press-to-close and zip-to-close options, in white or black or even customized with your own logo and branding, these are the bags that send an eco-friendly message to your customers to show you care about more than just your bottom-line — you care about our planet as well.
Flower Jars and Concentrate Containers from HiSierra are as beautiful as they are functional. Made from recycled glass with ocean based plastic lids, these child-resistant wide-mouthed containers are specially engineered with a rounded design to keep customers happy and make a positive impact on our environment by being truly sustainable.
Crativ Containers are designed for holding flower, pre-rolls, vape, concentrate, edibles and more. These products go beyond recyclable and contain additives that actually drive biodegradation. Throw them in your compost bin or bury them in your backyard for benefits that can be seen in as little as 180 days. All with locking designs to deter children from opening your goods, these ergonomic, portable and convenient containers will protect your product while also protecting the earth.
Integra Boost Humidity Control equals humidity harmony. These patented 2-way cannabis humidity control packs expertly adapt to the air around them to create the ultimate in balance and moisture control in an enclosed area. Regulate the environment and protect your most precious product with the smartness and simplicity that Integra Boost provides.

Sustainable Packaging for Arizona Medical and Recreational Cannabis

From Phoenix to Scottsdale, Mesa to Chandler — when you are in the market for top-shelf eco-friendly child-safe packaging for your Arizona recreational cannabis or medicinal cannabis, look no further than HiSierra.

HiSierra has a full product line that ships for free anywhere in the continental United States. You can shop online or request a custom quote today and discover for yourself why HiSierra is the leader in wholesale legal marijuana packaging supplies — and has been for years. Nothing else even comes close to HiSierra. Never settle for anything less.