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The Best Cannabis Packaging is Made in the USA

Cannabis comes in many forms. Packaging for those forms, all of them, must always adhere to the laws of the land. Although cannabis is a fairly new product on the U.S. market, much time and experimentation have gone into establishing packaging standards that protect children from consumption, maintain the integrity of the product and do not harm the environment. Here is an in-depth look into the motivations for elevating cannabis packaging made in the USA to the quality products available now.

United States cannabis packaging laws are under constant review

As states new to legalization create their laws and standards, packaging is always on the agenda. For example, in New Mexico, where recreational cannabis has been legal for nearly a year, House Bill 157 has been proposed to restrict the use of specific logos and colors on packaging. The intent behind this measure is to make the packaging, and by extension the product inside, less appealing to children.

Ben Lewinger, executive director for the New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, has reiterated the importance of the issue: “Nobody wants cannabis products to be appealing to people under the age of 21.” Through cleaned-up packaging laws, consumers can also protect themselves against illicit products. More states are requiring information regarding the product’s manufacturer, a clear expiration date and potency testing results.

Suspicious packaging can be clever

Recently in Texas, DPS officers confiscated THC-laced candy made to closely resemble popular brands. In some cases, the candies’ names have been manipulated to fool at a quick glance: “Weedish Fish” instead of Swedish Fish and Stoner Rancher instead of Jolly Ranchers. Others illegally use the actual brand names with “medicated” printed on the label.

Danielle Ompad, associate professor of epidemiology at NYU School of Global Public Health and senior author of a new study investigating copycat packaging in cannabis sales, examined an item that was nearly identical to the brand Gushers. The label said the bag contained 500 milligrams of THC, while a similar look-alike bag of Doritos contained 600 milligrams. The resemblance to the brand-name products is uncanny, she said. “The Nerd Rope knockoffs I have personally seen looked just like the licensed product,” Ompad said. “The (knockoff) Doritos were shaped just like the real thing and had a crunch as well.”

Children’s accidental consumption is main focus of American-made cannabis packaging

More than 7,000 confirmed cases of kids younger than six eating edibles were reported to the nation’s poison control centers between 2017 and 2021, an increase from roughly 200 annually to more than 3,000. The number of youths, especially toddlers, who accidentally ate THC treats rose sharply over five years as cannabis became legal in more places within the U.S., according to a study published in January. The results are not surprising, said Dr. Brian Schultz, a pediatric emergency physician at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore. His previous work at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., saw treatment by him and his colleagues of kids who had eaten edibles “almost on a daily basis,” he said.

Poor packaging can ruin products

One of the biggest dangers of inferior packaging is that it can ruin the product inside. Chemical leaching can occur with cheaper plastics, which can affect the product’s smell or taste. Substandard adhesion and sealing can expose product to the elements, another known no-no for cannabis consumers. Cannabis that gets ruined is a waste, which leads to non-returning clients. To combat these issues, some companies have moved manufacturing to the United States and rely on cannabis packaging made in the USA.

To support USA-made cannabis packaging is to back the cannabis industry

Those who shop and buy American can rest assured that the products they purchase are created in facilities that follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements. Since Colonial times, laws regulating workers’ rights have existed in this country. Today, these laws address wages, discrimination, termination, unsafe conditions and more, which is not always a priority in other places. Further, purchasing domestically is better for the environment and leads to more local investments, increased community tax revenue and job opportunity growth. To utilize United States cannabis packaging and patronize these businesses is the epitome of the term “Vote with your dollars!”

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