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Get Child-Resistant Eco-Friendly Alaska Biodegradable Cannabis Bags!

The Land of the Midnight Sun has now fully embraced the Alaska cannabis industry, and this is driving enormous job growth within the state. Furthermore, that growth is expected to continue exponentially for at least the next decade. Since Alaska voters approved recreational marijuana in 2014, the cannabis industry has flourished, growing 524% since 2016. While jobs were lost all over during the pandemic, that was not true for those in the agriculture industry, and this was solely due to cannabis. In fact, it is projected that the broader agriculture sector in Alaska will add upwards of 650 jobs between 2020 and 2030, with most of those being in greenhouses. It is the farming, fishing and forestry category that, while still relatively small, has skyrocketed since Alaska cannabis legalization was established.

Whether a Sourdough or a Cheechako, Alaskans looking to benefit from all the green interest would be wise to become well-versed in the rules regarding cannabis usage in Alaska as well as the Alaska cannabis packaging regulations. Or if all those words and articles are enough to make your eyes blur and your head spin, those from the Great Land hoping to get their product out just need just partner with a cannabis packaging company in Alaska who is aware of all the ins and outs of exit bags and can provide everything needed for compliant packaging of the highest quality at an affordable price. No need to search high and low for that company; when it comes to renewable, reusable and responsible Alaska cannabis packaging, the only name to consider is HiSierra.

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Why HiSierra?

HiSierra is an American-based company dedicated to providing top shelf child-resistant cannabis product packaging materials to growers and manufacturers looking to promote an eco-friendly message. You can rest assured that all Alaska cannabis bags and Alaska cannabis jars purchased from HiSierra are produced in the cleanest and greenest ways possible. With our wind-powered LEED-certified factory located in the heartland of the US, HiSierra uses state-of-the-art equipment and a reduced waste stream to manufacture innovative bags from renewably farmed, non-GMO sugarcane that keeps the greenery placed within it at its freshest and most delicious.

Beyond this, using the environmentally friendly products from HiSierra sends a message that you care about the future of the planet just as much as you do about your own bottom line. While it is important to make a quality cannabis product, it is even more important to let consumers know that you care about them and the carbon footprint we all leave behind. Using HiSierra for your Alaska cannabis packaging does just that, as HiSierra’s #1 goal is to make the cannabis world a greener place.

The HiSierra Product Line

Every product that HiSierra makes is designed to protect what you worked so hard to manufacture from any and all damaging external elements that can diminish important qualities such as flavor, consistency, and aroma. HiSierra creates containment that is reliable, reusable, and recyclable. When you want your product to be as fresh when opened as the day you put it inside, you can choose from:

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HiSierra Cannabis Bags

For the absolute finest in packing that is both sustainable and CR-certified, HiSierra offers a variety of Alaska cannabis bags:

  • HiSierra Exit Bags. With both zip-to-close and press-to-close options, these premium exit bags are available in two sizes and in multiple colors. Absolute top of the line when it comes to quality, these are the one and only brand of certified child-resistant exit bags made from plant-based raw materials manufactured in an LEED-certified factory located in the heartland of America.
  • HiSierra Storage Bags. Not all Alaska cannabis bags are created equally. These renewable and sustainably manufactured bags made from plant-based materials come in both pound and kilo sizes and feature large 8-inch bottom gussets, making them incredibly easy to stand and fill. Tamper-evident, these heat seal-compatible transport and showcase bags provide incredible puncture resistance as well as heavy-duty odor protection.
  • HiSierra Custom Bags. When you want the ultimate in branding combined with extra flair, this is the way to go. These are American-made, child-resistant, eco-friendly protective bags designed with your logo front and center. With low minimums and no plates, these custom creations are available in 4x6x2, 9x6x2 and 12x9x4 sizes. If you are in the market for Alaska biodegradable cannabis bags, HiSierra has those too. Check out the newest HiSierra addition, our tested and certified landfill biodegradable exit bags. For less than you might think, you can send a powerful message about your love for our planet. Contact HiSierra for a custom quote today.
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HiSierra Cannabis Jars

As beautiful as they are sustainable, these Alaska cannabis jars are manufactured from recycled German glass with ocean-based plastic lids. They’re available in .5g and 1g options. This sustainable container choice has a wide mouth and a rounded bottom so customers can enjoy easy opening and a no-slip grip. In black, white and clear, this bud jar is the perfect choice for keeping product safe and fresh. Try these Alaska cannabis jars and feel good about your company’s impact.

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HiSierra Crativ Containers

With a sleek and lightweight ergonomic design, these are the ultimate containers for housing anything from flower to concentrate to vape to edibles. Rugged and portable yet still eco-friendly, this versatile and sustainable packaging is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to highlight and protect whatever you place inside. Fresh seal technology offers the utmost in preservation while a child-locking mechanism safeguards from little hands. HiSierra offers two choices of material: USDA plant-based material and a proprietary accelerated degradation option. Either way, you can feel good about the product you provide and the footprint it leaves behind.

HiSierra Alaska Cannabis Packaging

While Alaska’s cannabis industry is flourishing enough to be profitable to those already involved, it is still new and evolving quickly enough to be a great opportunity for those just entering the game. The trick here is to distinguish yourself enough to stand out from the crowd.

Making a statement by partnering with the greenest cannabis packaging company in Alaska is the perfect way to do just that. Whether you are looking for Alaska cannabis jars or Alaska biodegradable cannabis bags, HiSierra can provide you with the right product at the right price. Make sure the cannabis you are providing is a true forget-me-not for both its quality and the environmental message it sends. Invest in HiSierra Earth-friendly, kid-safe packaging solutions and feel good about the difference you’re making. Be the change you want to see in the world.