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Alabama Dispensary Supplies

Roll Tide! (Or, War Eagle, we won’t judge). It’s finally here! After what seems like forever, Alabama has officially legalized medical cannabis. While it might be a while before you’re able to get your dispensary up and running, it’s a good idea to have all of your supplies ready to go. Check out our Alabama dispensary supplies with custom Alabama cannabis packaging. No matter what you’re selling in your Alabama dispensary, our wholesale options are the best of the best.

cannabis bag alabama


An essential part of any dispensary is having the right bags for the job. Quality packaging can mean the difference in a successful dispensary and one that is looked at as a fly-by-night shop. Bags from Hisierra meet strict standards imposed by cannabis laws across the country, they’re also a great addition to any dispensary that wants to focus on eco-friendly solutions. Our bags are made in the United States from plant-based raw materials.

Exit Bags:

Get your customers out of the store successfully and legally! Exit bags are essential if you’re packing up cannabis for your customers. Each of our styles comes in a full-zip closure style and are available in two different colors: clear and matte black to ward off the attention of prying eyes.

Pound Bags:

When you’re looking for Alabama dispensary supplies, you need to consider how much cannabis you’ll be carrying in your store. If you plan on a large amount of distribution, getting pound bags is a great way to ensure you have plenty of storage and can pass it along to your customers. Check out the clear bags as well as the matte black for a more discreet look.


Whether you need bags for your edibles or you have a product that’s not a traditional shape, you can get it from Hisierra. Our wholesale dispensary supplies include other bags that work for a variety of products.

Custom Designed:

With dispensaries cropping up around the state, it’s important that you do a little something to set yourself apart from others. Custom-designed bags allow you the opportunity to brand your bags and put a little piece of your dispensary into every sale that you make. Check out our affordable custom wholesale Alabama cannabis dispensary supplies.
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Sometimes, bags just won’t cut it when it comes to custom Alabama cannabis packaging. You need a different solution and that’s jars. While these are the traditional storage option for dispensaries, there’s nothing normal about our jars. They’re engineered and manufactured to provide the perfect environment for your cannabis products. Similar to our bags, each of our jars is manufactured with the environment in mind.


You can’t go wrong with this tried and true cannabis product. With our jars, you can keep your flower at optimal humidity and protected from the elements. Wide openings in the jars make it easy to add buds or take them out for customers who are ready to purchase.


While the jury is still out on what types of cannabis you’ll be able to sell at your Alabama dispensary, there’s a chance you could be able to offer concentrates to your customers! With our concentrate jars, you’re able to secure and seal your concentrate in no matter what comes your way.
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Many dispensaries offer pre-rolls as a convenient option for customers who don’t want to have to mess with rolling their own cannabis. Because of this, it’s a great idea to add pre-roll containers to your Alabama dispensary supplies. We have a couple of options available!

Compostable Tubes:

You can’t go wrong with a tube to protect your pre-rolls in! And, our compostable tubes don’t contribute to one of the biggest problems in the cannabis industry: parking lots and landfills littered with pre-roll tubes. Since ours are compostable, they are sustainable and easy to “get rid of.”


Recyclable, easy-to-use and made in the USA, Crativ containers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants custom Alabama cannabis packaging for their pre-rolls. Check out our selection of quality containers.
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You can have the best containers in the world for your dispensary, but it won’t matter if the humidity isn’t right. When you’re purchasing wholesale Alabama dispensary products, don’t forget your humidity control solutions. Our Integra Boost comes in 55% or 62% humidity options and can be used with our containers to protect the integrity of your flower.

Quality Dispensary Supplies in Alabama

It’s a constant struggle for dispensaries around the country to offer high-quality and eco-friendly products to package their cannabis with. Hisierra is the ideal solution to this problem. We offer quality packaging with the environment in mind. Our products are budget-conscious and perfect for even first-time dispensary owners.