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Globally Responsible Made in the USA | Free shipping on all orders in the continental US!


American made Renewable, Reusable and Responsible
Certified Sustainable Child Proof Cannabis Packaging
cannabis packaging

Earth Friendly & Kid Safe

best weed containers

Sustainable & Renewable

best weed containers

Cannabis Packaging

cannabis packaging

Made in America

Shop Eco Friendly – American Made Cannabis Packaging

Child Proof Packaging – Compliant – Renewable – Made in USA – Bags – Cannabis Packaging Containers  – Humidity Control


Preserving your most precious product
Removing excess moisture & kicking the threat of mold to the curb
Boosting humidity in an arid marijuana packaging environment to protect from over-drying
og black flutes


Keeping air out – locking freshness in
Biodegradable cannabis packaging? Yes! Eco friendly packaging and containers from HISIERRA® the #1 cannabis storage containers.

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Made to your specifications | Low minimums – no plates
Our innovative OG Exit cannabis custom logo bag is CR certified made with renewable & sustainable raw materials in our clean and green LEED certified wind-powered factory